A weapon on you at all times? – Home invasion video (GRAPHIC) may change your mind

Well sure may think it’s crazy, but then again you might think different after watching this video (careful, it is very violent) of a home invasion.


Here’s the complete, unedited video of the attack:

As I watched the video I remembered some of the people I know that hardly lock their front door during the day, let alone the glass sliding door on the back yard. Who would be resourceful enough to walk around the house and open that back door? Someone jumping in through an open window? Crazy!


No, its not crazy folks, and violent events are becoming more and more common. I’ll be a jerk here for a second and be completely honest: This is nothing compared to what some of these animals are capable of. Imagine the worst that a monster like this could do (we can’t rightfully call them animals) and then try to imagine its ten times worse, because some of the things these beasts are capable of you can’t even imagine even if you picture your worst nightmare.


Someone told me not long ago that being armed when in your own home is crazy, over the top. It must be nice to be so naive and apparently ignore what’s out there.

And no. It’s not about living in fear, clenching your gun all day worrying about someone barging into your home. Its about understanding that it “can” happen, and without going insane with fear and stress you adapt so as to be ready for that or any other event where you may have to defend yourself and your loved ones from bodily harm.

Times are changing people. We can either accept it or live in denial. Denial doesn’t work very well if you ask me. These things and much worse happen all day and night, and it keeps happening more and more often.


Check out the “nice” neighborhood where this happened.


We have several key points here. Hardening you home. Sustaining a level of awareness along with good safety habits such as keeping your doors locked at all times. Were legal to do so, get a CCW for defense and make it as much part of your EDC as your wallet, keys , cellphone and maybe a folding knife and flashlight. 


Did this woman have enough time to open a gun safe or even reach for one hidden in her dresser? Would you have enough time if someone kicks your door open right this minute?

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