Be Aggressive Or Be Eaten –Bullied Boy Turns Tables on Attacker

Graphic cell phone video filmed from the inside of a school bus features a young boy overcoming a bully after being beaten mercilessly, illustrating the natural human survival instinct to thrive in the face of abusive, unruly tyrants.


Warning: Video features graphic language.


The disturbing footage, which first appeared on Tuesday, shows a black girl repeatedly slapping and punching a white boy in the face while she pulls his hair. The boy and others can be heard begging her to stop.

“Please stop, I want to go home,” the boy tells his assailant as he tries to block blows to his face. The bully ignores his pleas and continues hitting him.

As the girl begins kicking the boy in the head, he stands up from his seat, fed up with the abuse, and manages to put his abuser in a headlock.

After taking control of the incident, the boy shows his character when he releases his attacker and asks, “You OK?”

Although the video provides no context, and one wonders where the bus driver is, or why no adults intervened, it clearly shows the perfectly normal human reaction to being bullied and demonstrates the determination of the human spirit in the face of tyrants.

As Alex Jones explained in a recent video, it is imperative to be aggressive in order to protect yourself from a mountain lion attack in a state park, the same way it is important to be aggressive in the face of bullies – the biggest of them all being an out-of-control federal government.



Don’t be a sheep, be a sheepdog.



Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

Via: infowars

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