Be Ready with Vehicle 72 Hour Kits

Words such as “extreme misfortune, ruin, and tragedy” are often used in conjunction with the word “disaster.”  It is a fearful word that often catches a person off guard and unprepared when they are in the middle of it.  But the word “evacuate” conjures up thoughts of mass chaos, confusion, crowded highway systems and fear.  This word is usually linked with natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding and fires.  If a disastrous scenario occurs, having a kit for your vehicle, as well as having a 72 hour kit for each person in your family will ensure that all basic needs are met.

So what happens if you are in your car when a mandatory evacuation comes to order?  Would you be prepared to leave with only the items in your car?

What Is a 72 Hour Kit?

A 72 hour kit is essentially filled with items that will meet your basic survival needs (food, water, safety, shelter) for at least 3 days’ time.  The items placed in the kits should be light weight and functional so that, if need be, carrying the kit will not be a strain due to unnecessary items.  Initially, the most important part of preparing for an event is to have a well thought out a plan.  This plan should be in place before you evacuate.

To prepare a 72 hour kit for your vehicle, use a plastic container  and fill it with:

  •  3 Day Supply of Food
  • Water – 3 Day Supply
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • Blankets
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Flashlight or a Light Source
  • Extra Batteries
  • Rain Poncho
  • Work Gloves
  • Knife or Multi Purpose Tool
  • Chains For Tires
  • Small Shovel or Collapsible Shovel
  • Rope
  • Air Compressor (to air tires)
  • Fix-a-Flat
  • Extra Tire
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Signaling Device such as a Flare, Mirror, Whistle or Light Stick
  • Extra Clothes compatible to the season you are in.
  • Hand and Foot Warmers (optional but very effective if you need to be in the cold weather for a long period of time)
  • 2 Extra Pairs of Socks
  • Extra Jacket for Layering
  • Toiletries (Toilet Paper, Soap, etc.)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Survival Book to Look to for Survival Information
  • Maps and navigation devices (compass, GPS device, etc)
  • 5-10 gallons of extra gasoline

Having a 72 hour kit for your vehicle is a way to curb the feelings associated with being unprepared for disasters.  If packed properly, a 72 hour kit will give you everything you need to keep you alive for 3 days.   Having one of these for your car can be used in the case of an emergency evacuation, or if your car stalls in a remote location where there is no way to signal to get help.  Adding a few items to the trunk for one of these unforeseen disasters or events will not only help you prepare, but also keep you safe and focused on finding a solution in the case that you find yourself in one of these situations.

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