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It is the morning of January 29th. The southern US was hit last night with a storm that left THOUSANDS of our children stranded at school or on school buses. People trying to get home from work were forced to spend the night at Walmart or sleep on the only chaise lounge at the Home Depot.

While this storm was predicted and talked about in advance, the meteorologists were off with their predictions of timing and severity. The south cannot handle this kind of weather. They do not have the de-icing materials available, the plow trucks or the same knowledge people in the north have. It would be like a hurricane hitting Minnesota.

Fingers have been out all morning talking about the failure in the warnings. Why were not the children released in time to get home safely? How did the “system” fail to put thousands…UPON THOUSANDS of people in harm’s way and not safely tucked in at home with a cup of hot chocolate…HOW! WHO DROPPED THE BALL!!!!!!????? 

People failed. Nothing else. People failed to take responsibility for their own safety. Great, it’s easier to place the blame on someone or something else, but bottom line is….people failed. Those people…these people…. lots of people failed.

Come on PEOPLE… The weather dudes have been talking about this storm for at least a week. We knew it was coming. But, like Mother Nature likes to do all so well, she arrived when she felt like it. She waited for no meteorologist to say WHEN.


NEW ALERT: This is 2014. Most cell phones have the ability to get a weather radar. Why rely on someone else to say “Hey, get your arse home!” or “Hmmm, maybe I should go get my kid at school and get home”. Who stopped who on this one? Your boss? The school administration? We talk about wanting FREEDOM in this country but we still allow OTHERS to dictate to US what is best FOR US. And tell me again, who has the responsibility to keep you or your children safe? You. Please do not allow others, well-meaning as they may be, to make decisions for you. And please, don’t follow those decisions blindly.

There is a lot of chatter concerning the banks around the world, if you haven’t noticed. While, taken individually, they might not cause alarm, lumping them together and looking at the big picture has sent up quite a few red flags. Just like what the south is going through right this very moment, alarms are being sounded that an economic storm is coming. Lots of dates.. timing is being thrown around, but like the snow/ice storm, does anyone truly know? We can watch the radar tho. We can see it approaching and then we can choose to get to safety or we can choose to blame the mess we will end up in on someone else. 

Wake up…wake your friends up…wake your family up. Get prepared NOW and don’t get stranded somewhere you DON’T want to be with strangers who are NOT out for your best interest. They want to sleep on the only chaise lounge at Home Depot too.

* Have a Water and Food supply at your home.
* Have a Family Plan in place in case communications are lost.
* Don’t rely on others for your safety or your rescue.
* Decide to Act when you see the Warning Signs and NOT get caught in the stampede.

It’s truly sad that it takes a disaster to wake people up. I hate that. People die in disasters. People die that we know and love. Please, stop waiting for permission from someone else to get to safety. To get prepared. Your life may depend on it.

Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

Via: prepperchicks

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