First gov’t “bullet-hoarding” – now THIS!

If you’re like me, you keep your eyes and ears open for “warning signs” of crisis that could threaten you and your family.

As I’ve always said, if you want to see the ultimate “canary in the coal mine”, look no further than the actions taken by our own government.

For example, a while back, the U.S. government bought up a buttload of our nations ammo supply, forcing us all to scramble around for personal defense ammunition.

But now they’re even looking to overtake our emergency food supply!

You see, a friend of mine produces affordable “survival food kits” and recently received this letter from a representative from FEMA…


Basically they demanded to know…

  • How much of emergency food could be delivered immediately…
  • How many food kits were on hand for a “state of emergency”…  (With the government’s power to seize supplies in a quote “state of emergency”, I don’t think I want to answer this)
  • And the strangest question of all… if they worked like mad men, how much emergency food could they produce in 24 hours!

I gotta tell you – I’m real concerned.

This letter is proof that FEMA wants our emergency survival food.

They don’t want anyone to know it… and they want to take immediate delivery at a moment’s notice should anything “happen”.

Why the sudden urgency? What do they know that we don’t?

Look, if you’re smart and can spot the “warning signs”, you’ll do like me…

Stock your own “emergency food kits” to feed your family during a disaster or crisis before the government grabs them all up and grocery store shelves are ransacked by mobs of your unprepared neighbors.

I personally have a year’s worth of food that all fits inside of one closet and here’s the brand I personally bought for my family…

It’s the most affordable I’ve found and I’ve tested the food and it’s delicious (unlike MRE’s or other sources).

You can start small and build from there but don’t wait on this, ok?

2014 is going to be a very strange year and the time to prepare ISN’T when a crisis is already happening, right?


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: Modern Combat & Survival Magazine

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