How to Store Your Medicine

Check out this video from The Patriot Nurse……How to Store Your Medicine.



Something to think about:

I store my surplus meds inside externally indexed .50 cal ammo boxes with desiccant in a dedicated refrigerator at 50F temperature. Moisture is potent killer of meds so desiccant is always indicated. The sealed ammo boxes exclude any humidity that might be introduced from the refrigerator or refrigeration process. Never freeze as freezing is as sure a killer as heat for meds. If you’re storing antibiotics be sure you understand that some expiration dates are indeed fixed and using certain antibiotics past their expiration date is really bad news. Fortunately however many antibiotics retain efficacy for decades if properly stored in low or no humidity and kept cool.

Always let a refrigerated ammo can of meds (and ammo for that matter) stabilize at room temperature before opening. Doing so precludes atmospheric moisture from actually condensing on the inside of the can (pilots pay attention to the temperature dew point spread for as they narrow fog can result. Fog inside of your med can and any condensation is bad news).




One way to have meds stored in an orderly way is to sew some elastic onto a piece of fabric in assorted ‘pockets’ [like can be seen on Stomp kits] and slide the meds into the compartments. Unlike a Stomp kit this is both cheaper and can be made to any length you want. Then the whole cloth can be rolled up and put in the cupboard.

This way it will all still fit in the same cupboard space but can be unrolled and kept orderly and easy to see and find what you are looking for without having to empty a basket.


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