Long Term Spice Storage: Turning a Mistake into a Benefit

Guest post by RightWingMom.

My Food Saver has been one of the best investments for prepping that my husband and I have made.  For years now I have used the jar sealer and stored my spices in Mason jars.  This is great, sitting on the shelf, but I’ve always been concerned about needing to bug out and the fragility of these jars.

Enter a recent mistaken purchase at Walmart.  I normally purchase Food Saver bags on a roll, the narrow (8″) and wide (11″) varieties.  On my last trip I grabbed the wrong 11″ box.  They are the Portion/Pouch perforated style.  After grunting and groaning at myself for several seconds, I had an epiphany… I could use them for storing my spices!

Here’s what I did:

  1. Pulling out about 1 foot of bag, perforation still intact, I sealed one end.  Next I labeled: the name of the spice, best buy date, and packed date with a Sharpie.  Finally, I poured the spice into the bags and sealed them.
    2.  I found that folding up the front 2 inches allowed me to press out the spice until flat, making storage much more compact and efficient.
    3.  Now the hunt was on for all those spices I had not sealed into Mason jars.  Here are a few.  Note – The first jar to the left is a local seasoning that my husband is addicted to.  There’s nothing like comfort spices when you’re facing a societal collapse!

    4.  The finished result, a box full of assorted spices safely tucked away.  I stored them in an Amazon box that was perfect for these bags.  Yet another benefit to being a prepper….save those shipping boxes


A final tip – When it comes time to open these bags, I plan on placing the contents in a spice jar or bottle that I’m currently using.  The spices could also be transferred to a Ziploc bag or other storage container.

Hopefully this will inspire my fellow Survival Moms.  Even a mistake, made by rushing through Walmart, can result in a clever and useful prepper idea.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: thesurvivalmom

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