Mandatory Data Collection for All Americans – Obama Issues Executive Order to do it

I saw this a day ago, but needed to contemplate on what it might mean.

Barak Obama has issued an Executive Order for mandatory HIV testing of all Americans aged 15 through 65.

Allegedly, this is to help identify those who may be carrying the HIV virus.

Nothing this Administration has done can be taken at face value, as the historical record shows. I’m also wary of any efforts to ‘help me’ without asking for my permission FIRST.

Mandatory testing will be done through health-care providers, at least at first. The assumption is that everybody will be seeking health care under Obamacare.

Health care professionals (at least a significant percentage of them), have been recommending this for years

This is about government interference with your health, which will lead to some disastrous consequences. How long will it be before the disease-prone are denied health care?

But the real ominous possibility is this:  Mandatory DNA collection from every American, the most intrusive collection of personal data possible.  Up until recently, it was simply too expensive to attempt to gather this information on a wide-scale.  Not anymore, it’s relatively cheap.  Your DNA will now go into a massive surveillance database.

Warrantless DNA collection is
already being done
– but now it will include everyone, everywhere.

In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled the police can collect DNA samples from people they arrest even before they are convicted of a crime.

Your DNA will now be directly tied in with your health records, and Obamacare is administered by the IRS.

Every American’s DNA will now be cross-referenced to every record ever gathered. And I mean “every record”.  Employment records, tax records, credit card transactions, banking transactions, car registration, property records, travel records, educational records – virtually everything being recorded about you now (which is almost all-inclusive) will now be all-inclusive.

You may say “they have this already” and yes, they do. But this just paper information. It’s data records in vast databases.  But now they will now have YOU and what you actually “are”.  What you are actually made of.  And it is this information in the hands of government that is so incredibly dangerous to your future.

With this level of information, all kinds of profiling (and manipulation without your consent) by DNA can be identified. Who is more likely to be socially unacceptable? Who overspends?  Who earns too little? Which group is likely to be a dissident? Which groups have the most babies?  What about racial profiling a specific “treatment” to ensure a passive population?

This goes far, far beyond being denied health insurance because of HIV or something else they’ve identified.

How about which groups consume the most resources?  Which groups are likely to require the most health care?  Who will die first? Who do we want
to die first?

Or even worse – can they targeted specific DNA?  For elimination?  For mind-control?  For manipulation of health, attitudes, beliefs?

Sounds far-fetched? Science has long been working on exactly this.  Customized proteins for DNA targeting have been achieved.

What about target-specific weapons?  Already being worked on.

What if they are able to build DNA sensors – into everything?  You’ve seen this in the movies – walk by a doorway or innocuous bush on the sidewalk and DNA detectors instantly identify who, when and where you are. But this is about far more than movements, or spending habits – it is about being able to eliminate or target anyone, anywhere at any time.

The opportunities for abuse are virtually boundless. This is far more than the “No Fly” list of political dissidents (who had to “announce” themselves through some type of public exchange as being “anti-this or “anti-that”).  This is the ultimate “No Live List” of undesirables instantly identified – for any reason, in the hands of a government that has proven itself capable of incessant lies, murder, assassination, spying, coverup and intimidation of everyone – virtually WORLDWIDE.

The problem is – we cannot trust government, period. HIV testing is a good thing in my opinion, but not mandatory testing.

Forcing people to do anything is always a bad idea. Opportunities to exploit such things are nearly endless. History has plenty of examples where forced registrations have been repeatedly abused and used against citizens. Everything from gun confiscation to racial profiling or religious beliefs.  The opportunity to force a mandatory test leads to the opportunity to collect everybody’s DNA.  It is by no means a stretch of the imagination to point out how it could and in all likelihood, will be used against Americans.

Anytime this government claims to “help me”, I am deeply, deeply suspicious, because as the record shows, nothing claimed is what it turns out to be.  The news just reported that
98 million Americans were infected with cancer causing polyomavirus (SV40) in the polio vaccine,
but it took over 50 years for this information to be released.  Now, millions dead later, everybody is asking – accident or deliberate?

Disclosure is NOT part of the American government. Truth and honesty is ENTIRELY absent.  American “officials” believe you are too stupid to be informed of what they are doing. They do not want anyone to know what they are doing. The recent vicious prosecution of whistleblowers who exposed what they were doing is a prime example – it is a CRIME to tell the truth now. The “transparency” platform Sotero ran on is a cruel, cruel joke. We do not have transparency – we have a fascist dictatorship now and it’s about time we woke up to this fact.

Be advised and be aware.  Your last tiny vestiges of “freedom” is about to be stolen from you.


Via: survivalacres

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