Northeast Snowstorm And The Governors And Mayors Who Eagerly Ban Travel

For the past several days the national and local mainstream news media has hyped to the max the northeast ‘Blizzard of 2015′. Well before the first flakes settled, several northeast state governors and mayors were in a race to out-do each-other to see who would be first to play ‘Nanny’ and BAN all sorts of travel and movements of the citizen sheeple.

I believe that NYC mayor Bill de Blasio may have been first to preemptively BAN travel on roads, shut down the subways and public transportation, airports, and apparently ordered citizens to shelter in place ($300 fine for being caught out on the sidewalk..? Really?)…

The governor of Connecticut and the governor of Massachusetts both BANNED travel on ALL roads.

Here’s my beef…

Snowstorms have been occurring every winter in the northeast since the beginning of time. Some of them big. North-easterners have fared well enough and have made it through winter storm after winter storm – throughout their entire lives. Why is it that suddenly there has been literal ‘banning’ of travel – even though the citizenry has managed to survive these major storms throughout all of history on their own?

Here’s more…


I would like to think that many people have the common sense to use their best judgement regarding whether or not to travel during bad weather. And while there will always be the idiots without good judgement – why ‘ban’ travel for everyone just because there’s a major snow? And under what authority is this even possible in the United States?

Does Canada shut down for 8 months a year?

During the past several years, for the first time I have witnessed several instances of banning travel and even shelter-in-place by the ‘political authorities’. I don’t recall this ever having happened when I was younger, and I can’t help but wonder if this is the progressive result of an ongoing major shift change in our country – towards total government authority, police-state, and control over the citizenry.

There is no resistance. No apparent challenge or backlash. Am I the only one who is bothered by this? Or do I just have my own issues with ‘authority’?

While this particular winter snowstorm is producing localized blizzard conditions in some areas near the coast of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, and one would probably be fool-hardy to be traveling in those particular conditions, there are other parts of New England receiving less than blizzard conditions (although heavy snowfall) and many New Englanders who may choose or have to travel in such conditions (for whatever their reasons) have 4WD vehicles/trucks to get through a given snowstorm (along with the help of municipal snowplows – same as it always was).

Recommending no travel is wise. Banning travel? Did I miss the declaration of Martial Law?

I am glad that I live in a state which refrains from playing ‘Nanny’ and one which enables its citizens to make their own decisions (with their own consequences – it’s called ‘self-responsibility’).

-End of rant

What is your opinion about politicians suddenly grabbing the ‘power’ and ‘authority’ to do things like banning travel? etc.?


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Via: modernsurvivalblog

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