Police State Checkpoints Are Already Here

“He’s perfectly innocent, and he knows his rights.  He knows what the constitution is. [But we’ll illegally search him anyway]”



Checkpoints for “public safety” are becoming more and more prevalent in our ever-evolving age of this police state.  I think many people are OK with this, as it’s for the greater good, yet others realize this is a direct violation of our constitution.

This July 4th, a young man was pulled over at a DUI checkpoint with his camera rolling.  He was instructed to pullover and get out of the car.  After asking if he was being detained, the officers refused to answer, and instead used intimidation to force him to give up his rights.

Upon a false “hit” from the K-9, the officers proceeded to check his car, to show who had the biggest pair between the cops and the 21-year-old.  Turns out the joke was on the cops when they were caught on camera saying “He’s perfectly innocent, and he knows his rights.”

This officer should be relieved indefinitely of his duties.  Clearly this is bad police work.  Type of action is not only be exposed by a brave and knowledgeable young man, but more importantly it has gone viral and is gaining the attention of the media and others who do now want to live in a “North Korea” like environment.

Please share this with your friends, and encourage them to know their rights, and NOT bend over and accept this new police state.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: theprepperproject

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