Radiation Detection App for iPhone / iPad

While I am not normally a great fan of stuffing my phone full of apps that are entertaining but useless at best, here is one that I came across that can actually prove very useful for those that have the older Civil Defense survey meters that have and audio output that lets you hear the clicks as the Geiger tube is detecting hits. This will work with any meter that gives audible clicks for activity that is being detected by the Geiger tube, the app needs the external input through the microphone on the iPad / iPhone or a patch cable made to utilize direct input.

What’s more important about this app is the accuracy that can be attained with it. The CDV-700 that was used to test this was calibrated by a lab in the late 90’s so I have a fairly high confidence that its meter is reading correctly, all the readings that were taken with the application using the audio from the survey meter matched what it was showing on the analog meter.

             iPhone version

The application is called Geiger Bot, and it is available on iTunes for free. Yes, you heard me right, free. Now if this app on an iPhone were to be coupled up with the compact Geiger Counter that is offered by GQ Electronics LLC for $95.00 you have a good handheld radiation detector that will even alert you if the background radiation rises above safe levels.

I will not detail out all of the functionality of the application, the author of it has already done a great job on his web site (http://sites.google.com/site/geigerbot/).

So for those that have an old CDV-700 meter and an iPhone or iPad, here is a way to bring it forward into the digital age for a minimum cost.

              iPad Version

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