September is National Preparedness Month — Step 1: Prepare per Red Cross

Check out the Red Cross emails that want you to prepare even at a basic level.


Start today, even if it’s small things and you work yourself up.


You can check this out: A Year of Supplemental Food Storage for $300 for a family of FOUR !


With this you can at least prepare for a very small amount over time.




Are you prepared, for the unexpected?

In case of an emergency, do you have a kit and supplies ready? In honor of National Preparedness Month, watch this funny video so you’ll know the type of preparedness kit you don’t want to have!

Watch the video >>

September is National Preparedness Month, and, it’s a great time to review your own emergency plans and to make sure family, friends and neighbors are prepared.Whether it’s a house fire or a natural disaster, having a plan in place before an emergency hits means you’ll know where to turn in times of crisis.

So this month, take a few minutes to make an emergency game plan and prepare your emergency kit of essentials. Hopefully, the day doesn’t come when you’ll be thankful for it, but it pays to be prepared.

Gail McGovern
American Red Cross

September 14 is World First Aid Day. Learn more about our new, Universal First Aid App >>



Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

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