A simple review of a ‘tool’ most of us have seen and too few of us own.

You all know the tool I’m ‘talking’ about. Gawd bless the Chi-Coms for first marketing this lil gem to the American public. The first models had hardwood handles made of the same downed lumber they use on every Chi-Com AK and SKS Air Rifle they import to us all. This “Universal Survival Tool” is ‘cludge’ low tech with a poor finish that is just what one would expect on a Chi-Com field grade ‘issue’ tool.

The quality of steel is rather good considering the overall ‘grade’ this tool earns. I own an unknown number of these now that WWW.MAJORSURPLUS.COM has them on a BOGOesque sale for (2) two for $9.9ish. Major Surplus & Survival has the best deal I’ve found on these at the moment. Even is billing them at $9.9ish…. EACH.  I leave one in the trunk of each car, under the seat of my olde rusty pick up, on the potting bench rack, in my house tool bag, in the garage, and there is one sitting in the wire mesh rack in the mud room along with the duct tape, work gloves, bug sprays, 9volt flash lights and canned cat food.

I used to find these in the ‘please take em’ piles at the gun shows. MS&S used to give em away with purchase. These lil chunks o iron are one of those things that are simply…. Handy. My crew took these with them to the post Katrina Gulf Coast as University Of Toledo volunteer belt tools.

My fellow ‘Preppers’, do consider one of these ‘simple tools’ in your preps. At the current ‘BOGO’ price at MS&S of $9.9ish…. These puppies are hard to sharpen which speaks well, in a manner, for the hardness of the steel used and its ability to hold a working edge once you put one on em.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: thesurvivalistblog

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