The Armchair Prepper

Awhile back I worked with a guy who talked a hell of a game.  If he ever got caught in the woods he’d just take his shoe laces out and make a bow drill.  He’d catch some deer with his pocket knife and live like a king.

If TSHTF he was fully prepped.  He had plenty of guns and ammo and would just show up and take whatever he needed.  No kidding!

This guy has a bunch of issues as you can tell, but the part that got me was he was a really smart guy.  I mean really smart.

But as to making a bow drill from his shoelaces he didn’t have the first idea about wilderness survival.  He was horribly out of shape and got winded walking from his car downstairs to where I work.  I tried picturing him walking around looking for the right materials to make a bow drill and just couldn’t do it.  He’d be puffing and wheezing and probably have a heart attack before he’d walked a mile.

By announcing his intention of showing up on someone’s doorstep (he jokingly said my doorstep) he blew his OPSEC out of the water.  I made a mental note to myself that if I ever saw this idiot come on my property after TEOTWAWKI he’d be leaving much better ventilated than when he showed up.

Seriously, the guy was a blowhard and I didn’t take him or his threats too seriously.  He was an ok guy, but liked to talk a big game so he wouldn’t look bad.  Unfortunately for him he didn’t realize how stupid this made him look to others who are  prepared and have the proper skills and knowledge to survive awhile in the bush if need be.

The Armchair Prepper

I’m sure we all know a person like this.  They’re an expert on something – or everything – and they’re quick to let you know it.  If you’re new to prepping don’t be fooled by this guy.  If you listen to him too seriously you might wind up being worse off then if you didn’t prep at all.

A sure sign of this person is that they talk like they’re an expert, but when you try to get details out of them or ask for specifics they’re suddenly too busy to talk to you.

Most of us can spot this guy a mile away and over the years I’ve learned to steer clear of him.  If he’s in the woods bumbling around I avoid him.  I’ll make sure he’s not going to get into trouble or get lost, then continue on my way.  If he’s out back shooting I’ll stay the hell away.  Hopefully he won’t shoot himself, but if he does I don’t want to be anywhere nearby.

These guys won’t listen to you.  Why should they?  They already know everything.  Just ask them and they’ll tell you.

If TS ever really does HTF you’ll probably need to keep an eye on this person.  Chances are good they’re not properly prepared, but they might just have plenty of ordinance like my coworker and could cause trouble if they get desperate enough.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: shtfblog

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