US and Canadian gov bans operation of Boeing 737 Max 8 & Max 9 aircraft

Canadian gov bans operation of Boeing 737 Max 8 & Max 9 aircraft in Canada and Canadian airspace. Air Canada confirms immediate compliance w notice. 

Supplemental Info:

Yesterday, due to the crash of two Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets within the last 6 months (with both incidents showing similar characteristics), 34 countries and nearly 30 airlines have suspended operation of the fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft in the last two days. At the time of that warning, U.S. and Canadian aviation authorities were still allowing the aircraft to operate in N. America.

A short time ago, Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau issued a statement indicating a safety notice was forthcoming to ban Max 8 & Max 9 aircraft flying into, out of, or across Canada.

Garneau says today’s action is based on satellite tracking data his officials just saw that suggested ‘some similarities’ between what happened Sunday in Ethiopia, killing 157 people, and the October Lion Air crash that took 189 lives in Indonesia. They compared vertical fluctuations and found a ‘similar profile.’ This is not conclusive, he warns, but it is something that points to a similar crash cause.

As of 1:15 PM EASTERN on 3/13/2019:

  • The FAA still allows the aircraft to operate in the U.S..
  • At least 47 countries have banned operation of the aircraft.
  • Dozens of airlines have voluntarily grounded the aircraft.

According to the FAA, there are ~350 MAX series aircraft in operation worldwide across 59 operators, all of which account for ~8500 flights weekly.

American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines use the jet in domestic and international flight operations.
AlertsUSA subscribers who are traveling should be in touch with their airlines to determine aircraft type on their flights, as well as to assess possible impact should the aircraft be grounded in N. America.

There will, for sure, be domestic and international flight interruptions.

Sites such as or, can help you determine the type of aircraft you are booked on.


Update 2:55 PM

USGOV issuing emergency order grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

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