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FBI Warns ISIS Message Resonating With Americans,
Homegrown Terrorism a Growing Threat
April 25, 2015
Between April 20-24, 2015, AlertsUSA issued the following
related Flash message to subscriber mobile devices:
4/20 – DOJ/FBI charge 6+ indiv in MN and CA w conspiracy to join and support foreign terrorist org. FBI stressing scope and threat posed by terror recruiting in MN.

4/22 – Paris police arrest heavily armed man planning imminent attack on multi churches. Solid evidence of ISIS/AQ nexus. Security incr at religious sites nationwide.

4/24 – AlertsUSA monitoring ongoing evacuation of Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island following discovery of susp package(s). Will rpt again if situation warrants.

What You Need To Know
On Monday, the Department of Justice and FBI announced the arrest of at six individuals spread between Minneapolis and San Diego on charges ofconspiracy and attempts to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, namely, the Islamic State. ( Criminal Complaint – PDF) According to U.S. Attorney Andrew M. Luger of the District of Minnesota:

“These were not confused young men. They were not easily influenced. These are focused men who are intent on joining a terrorist organization by any means possible.”

According to the DOJ, at least 9 individuals from Minnesota alone have been arrested and charged in just this one particular conspiracy. In announcing the most recent arrests, Luger made a statement that should rocket past frightening and straight into alarming:

“To be clear, we have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota.”

And it is not just Minnesota. News reports are now appearing on a weekly basis concerning the increasing number of U.S. citizens from elsewhere in the country who have both successfully traveled abroad and turned up on the battlefield or others arrested in the process of attempting travel for the same purpose. For instance, a completely separate indictment was handed down this week to a Philadelphia woman who also intended to travel overseas in order to join, fight with, and martyr herself on behalf of the Islamic State. Also this week it was reported that a 20 year old woman from Birmingham, Alabama successfully made her way to Syria to join ISIS militants, supposedly after bring recruited via the Internet. And these are just the one’s being publicised.

As AlertsUSA Threat Journal reported just weeks ago, FBI Director James Comey revealed that the bureau is investigating active domestic threats posed by ISIS supporters in all 50 states. That same week, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson stated that there are in fact sleeper cells here in the U.S. which have ongoing contact with the Islamic State and other terrorist groups who have “a desire to conduct an attack” here on U.S. soil.

AlertsUSA again cautions readers of the need to meet with great skepticism the increasing effort of liberal news commentators and public officials to downplay the Islamic angle to these threats. As we pointed out just week, the teachings and legacy of the Prophet Muhammad are absolutely clear: All good Muslims must wage war on unbelievers and other religions and bring them into submission.

The simple truth is that these individuals constantly referred to as “radicals” are walking the walk as prescribed by Islamic teachings. So called “moderate” Muslims are in fact weak members of the faith, no different than individuals who claim to be Christian but rarely see the inside of a church or their Bible.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the overall domestic and international terrorism threat environment and will immediately notify service subscribers of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens, as events warrant.



4/21 – Saudi ground forces prep to enter Yemen. Iran threatening strikes. 9 US warships present. US embassies in region warning AMCITs to remain vigilant w security.

4/20 – Navy officials announce US warships headed to waters off Yemen to intercept Iranian naval vessels and weapons shipments. Developing situation. Monitoring…

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FBI Warns of New Threats to Law Enforcement
and Public Officials
April 25, 2015
What You Need to Know
The FBI is warning law enforcement and public officials nationwide to be on guard for cyber attacks from hackers and stresses the need for these for these individuals to be particularly cautious about the personal information, both in pictures and in words, which are posted to websites and social media accounts.

The warning message comes as police departments in several parts of the country are facing criticism and protests over mistreatment of crime suspects. According to the notice, hacker groups are exploiting open source and other publicly available information that identifies law enforcement personnel, their employers and their families. While specific hacking groups are not specifically identified in the alert message, the FBI’s warning comes on the heels of recent threats made by the hacking collective known as Anonymous. One such threat posted earlier in the week to the group’s Twitter account reads as follows:

“Police officers of America we are watching you. Everyone is watching you. We suggest you stop murdering people in your custody.”

Earlier this month a video was posted to the to the Internet threatening the Vineland, NJ police department following a deadly force incident. The names, home addresses, and phone numbers of two Vineland police officers were also posted on a website known to be widely used by Anonymous members. Additional threats have been publicly reported against police departments nationwide.

Similar to other recent warnings issued to members of the armed services and other government employees, this FBI’s warning specifically admonishes law enforcement personal and public officials to be extra discerning regarding the individual pieces, as well as the totality, of the personal information being shared in publicly accessible forums. For instance, something seemingly as innocuous as posting pictures of oneself in uniform with your name tag clearly visible while standing in front of your departmental seal with your spouse and children proudly looking on, and all of it being detailed in a caption, provides significant personal information which can be highly useful to those seeking to do you or your family harm. The problem becomes magnified as other family members and colleagues then repost, retweet, like, share or otherwise redistributes just this one image.

Considering the growing prevalence of social media use and the seemingly incessant need for individuals to share even the most salient aspects of their day to day existence with the world, this warning message from the FBI brings front and center the threat this trend possess if you become targeted.

World News Roundup
April 25, 2015
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