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Black Gangs Targeting Police
More Widespread Lawlessness Expected
May 2, 2015
Between April 25-30, 2015, AlertsUSA issued the following
related Flash message to subscriber mobile devices:
4/30 – Law enf in urban areas across US prep for poss violent protests 5/1 (May Day). Incr rpts of violent black on white assaults nationwide. Extreme caution urged.
4/27 – MD Gov has declared a State of Emergency. MD National Guard activated. Special Situation Update forthcoming via email.

4/27 – Baltimore police warning of credible threat to local law enforcement by multiple gangs intending to target police officers. Monitoring…

4/27 – AlertsUSA monitoring widespread renewed civil unrest in downtown Baltimore. 7 LEOs injured. Evolving dangerous sit. Police warn of major resp. Avoid the area.

4/25 – Widespread rioting and vandalism in downtown Baltimore, MD. Avoid the area. Watch Live: http://bit.ly/MDriot1

What You Need To Know
On multiple occasions this week AlertsUSA subscribers have been notified via text messages to their mobile devices regarding breaking developments on the topic of growing civil unrest in Baltimore, MD and several U.S. cities, in addition to new threats by black gangs specifically targeting police.
On Wednesday, law enforcement agencies nationwide went to a heightened state of alert following an advisory message from the Baltimore Police Department warning credible information had been received that members of various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, the Bloods and the Crips had entered into a partnership to ‘take-out’ law enforcement officers. This partnership between what are normally rival gangs is reported to have beenbrokered by the leadership of Nation of Islam, who themselves have repeatedly called for all manner of violence and civil disobedience (see this and this).

By afternoon, numerous individuals had been arrested for assaults on police. The combination of uncontrolled rioting and attacks on police promptedactivation of the Maryland National Guard.

Members of law enforcement nationwide are being urged to maintain a high level of vigilance, to be aware of possible ambushes, to change travel patterns and to tone down clothes or emblems identifying them as police.

Since criminal charges were announced against six Baltimore police officers on Friday morning, officers on the ground are reporting heightened tensions and violent challenges to police authority.


On the topic of the broader causes of the civil unrest in Baltimore and other major urban areas across the U.S., AlertsUSA has little to add to that which is already widely understood but rarely ever spoken of openly at parties. Going forward, one would normally expect that as violence and overall lawlessness in America’s inner cities increases, so to would the heavy handedness of the police response.. The tax payers of a city and state expect law enforcement to keep evil contained and in check.

Unfortunately, there is a high likelihood we are going to see the exact opposite take place.

Given current political winds, the growing trend of treating the lawless as the victims, as well as further efforts at demonizing police and restraining their activity, readers can reasonably expect an increasing tempo of criminal behavior and civil unrest as police both individually, as well as a part of departmental policy, curtail their efforts. Frankly, what police officer in their right mind wants to end up as the next YouTube sensation, face financial ruin due to a civil lawsuit or become the focus of national media attention?


Racial tensions in America are climbing fast, as are the number of violent black on white attacks being reported across the U.S.( just not by national media – see this and this). AlertsUSA cautions readers of the need to exercise extreme caution when in urban areas nationwide. You know where you and your kids are supposed to be, and more importantly, what parts of town would wisely be avoided. Parents of high school and college aged children should strongly consider a sit down where these realities are communicated or reinforced.


To this end, AlertsUSA highly recommends finding a copy of the acclaimed 1997 New York Times bestseller, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence, by Gavin De Becker. The author is a three time Presidential appointee as an advisor to the Department of Justice and whose security firm protects eight of the ten private Americans currently considered most at-risk, as well as 60 of the Nation’s most prominent families.

The book lays out the pieces of the human violence puzzle and helps you clearly recognize both the subtle and blatant signals of danger. Considering the times, this book should be at the top of your reading list. If your children are old enough to stay out after the street lights come on, it should be at the top of their reading list as well.


New Black Panther Head: We Are Willing to Kill for Black Nation

Baltimore Uprising: Is ISIS Using The Riots To Recruit Black U.S. Muslims?

AlertsUSA continues to closely monitor growing civil unrest across the U.S. and will immediately notify service subscribers of the outbreak of new violent protests, rioting, or any other changes in the overall domestic threat environment as events warrant.



4/28 – BREAKING: Al Arabiya reports Iran has seized a US cargo ship and 34 crew. Vessel taken to Bandar Abbas port on the S. coast of Iran. Developing situation.

4/25 – Intel sources rpt DHS/FBI investig ISIS-inspired terror threat on aviation sector. Numerous hub airports incl LAX, DEN and ATL incr security. Expect delays.

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World News Roundup
May 2, 2015
Other Developments We Are Following
Officials: FBI probes possible ISIS-inspired threat 
Officials Pick Up Possible ISIS Threat to U.S. Military, Police
Los Angeles Airport Security Boosted Amid Possible ISIS Threat
No Phones for Workers at Passport Offices Due to Data Theft
Announcement on New JCS Chairman Expected Soon
Guantanamo Detainees Balk at Life in Uruguay
U.S. Bill Would Create ‘Hostage Czar’ to Coordinate Rescue Efforts
Russia Conducts Nuclear Bomber Flight Near Alaska


UK Airport Security Stepped Up After US Warns of New Threat 
What Is China’s Navy Doing in Mediterranean?
Top NATO Commander: Russia Readying For A New Ukraine Offensive
Chernobyl Fire: Kiev Claims No Radiation Threat, Experts Ring Alarm Bells


U.S., Allies Stage 18 Air Strikes Against Islamic State
US Navy Ships to Accompany US-Flagged Ships in Gulf
US Commander: Loss of Military Toehold in Yemen is Worrisome
Saudis Uncover Plot to Bomb U.S. Embassy
Isis Leader Incapacitated with Suspected Spinal Injuries After Air Strike


North Korea’s Nuclear Leverage
Rechristening the U.S.-Japan Defense Alliance
U.S. to Protect Disputed Japanese Islands
North Korea ‘May Have Restarted Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor’
China Says Worried by New U.S. Cyber Strategy
Has Japan Abandoned Its Policy Of Being A Pacifist Nation?

Travel Security Update

The U.S. Dept. of State is the authoritative federal source for information on the security situation at travel destinations worldwide. With tensions rapidly increasing in most regions, readers planning on international travel, even to such common destinations as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands, are strongly encouraged to do a little research on the security situation prior to departure.

Latest USGOV Travel Alerts and Warnings

Central African
Nepal   05/01/2015
Iraq   04/29/2015
N. Korea   04/23/2015
Mexico   04/03/2015
Worldwide Caution   01/09/2015
Worldwide Alert   12/19/2014

Additional Sources of Travel Guidance


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