What are Gamma Seal Lids and How to Install Them

Gamma seal lids are super handy plastic lids built for 12 inch buckets which includes most standard size 3.5, 5, 6, and 7 gallon buckets. The gamma lids have an outer ring that seals onto your bucket and an inner lid that screws into the outer ring. Both pieces have a rubber gasket, so there is a seal between the bucket and the outer ring, and between the ring and the inner lid.

The gamma seal lid is built for easy access to your food stored in buckets because you can open and re-seal the bucket much easier than prying open a lid and snapping it back on each time. They are extremely sturdy and continue to perform well even with a lot of use.  I have had buckets of product that I get into frequently with a regular pry-off style lid on them and quite commonly would not even snap the lid back on the bucket when I was done so I didn’t have to pry it off two days later when I wanted in that bucket again.  Which completely negates the whole idea of food storage in a bucket–it’s not keeping your food very fresh and there’s a definite possibility that you could at least get insect problems because your bucket lid isn’t on tight.  But my buckets with gamma seal lids on them don’t have that problem.  They are so easy to get into and seal back up they always get re-closed tight after I get into them.

And if you’re really organized, you can use the variety of available colors to color code your food storage buckets!  Either by food group or particular product–all the reds are wheat, all the blues are dairy, etc.  That would be awesome.  I think I want to get lids for all my buckets now . . .

Food storage buckets–front bucket with gamma seal lid

Two pieces of a gamma seal lid with my buddy pushing the inferior-lidded bucket across the floor

Do you need a gamma lid on every food storage bucket?  No.  In fact, most of my buckets have the regular lids on them.  I only have gamma lids on the buckets we get into frequently and then I just refill those buckets with product from other buckets or bags when the gamma lidded bucket gets low or empty.

Would it be nice to have gamma lids on every bucket?   You bet.  In fact, all of Shelf Reliance’s products that are sold in buckets come with a gamma seal lid already installed.  Super nice.

To see how a gamma lid works up close and personal, check out my video below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWxohmplrko&w=420&h=315]

(if the video doesn’t show up, click here)


Installing a gamma seal lid isn’t too difficult.  You can follow the instructions on the lid and hammer the ring onto your bucket with a rubber mallet then screw the lid into the ring.  Or you can skip reading the directions and the rubber mallet hunt and just stomp on the edges like I show here:

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/kWxohmplrko?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

(If the video doesn’t show up, click here)

Once the lid is on the bucket, it’s not coming off without a fight, so make sure you’re installing it on the bucket you want it on forever.  Gamma seal lids are very sturdy, and for your most frequently accessed buckets are definitely worth the extra initial expense.  Gamma seal lids can be found at most preparedness stores, some grocery stores, some hardware stores, and online at Amazon.

I have heard that it can be risky to stack buckets–depending upon how full they are and even not all that heavy, the top buckets collapse the lids on the lower level. As much money as the buckets are protecting, a super simple fix is a board on top of the lower-level buckets to spread out the weight and keep it on the “load-bearing” parts.

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