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Rule of Law

Back in 2009 YouTube Guru Nutnfancy (Richard Hewitt) posted a foundational video on the subject “Rule of Law” and it’s antagonist “Without Rule of Law”.  As such he was one of the first persons on YouTube (with a significant group of followers), to produce a video on this subject. This month he re-uploaded the video and earns our attention with that.

Nutnfancy’s message is – in his own words – not one of “gloom and doom” but encourages everyone to enjoy what we have today: a (mostly) stable and safe society with al kinds of public services working for the good of all civilians.

In the same video he also addresses some issues he later covers in additional videos, such as “WROL: Why you need communities” and “WROL: Rules of engagement“, both also featured at this website as WROL Philosophy video’s.

As his video is – yet – another foundational video on the subject of Rule of Law, we post it here as well.

As usual: if you haven’t seen it yet, please do watch it and subscribe to his excellent YouTube Channel.

 Without Rule of Law: “Don’t Hasten the Day” by Nutnfancy (re-upload 2012)

Video notes by Nutnfancy:

 A serious video on a serious subject. Here I encourage the investment of your time under ROL as I feel someday it will be gone. We have grown accustomed to having the Rule of Law in our societies. This ROL is the very foundation of our lives and allows us to got to work, make money, use money, have fun, make memories, and stay safe. We should all support ROL. That’s because the loss of ROL has some very serious implications. The occurrence of WROL (“Without the Rule of Law”), will probably bring widespread crime, destruction, violence, suffering, and death. I do not purport to know the timeframe or cause of WROL but I think we may see it in our lifetimes. WROL can happen on various graduations or levels but in its reference I usually talk of worst case: the complete loss of the societal engine. It could be brought on by the cessation of public services and commodities (unavailable food, gas or electricity), caused by natural disaster, economic collapse, or war, The aftermath of the 1992 Rodney King Riots and 2005 Hurricane Katrina gave us insights of what to expect. And these were just localized events but expect much worse if WROL is more widespread (which I think it will be), Evil elements in our society at mostly kept in check by our designated sheep dogs, the law enforcement entities with our cities. They are a critical part of ROL. However in WROL expect most emergency services to be overwhelmed, scattered, or just non-functional. With their loss evil will surge and even good people will do bad things in desperate circumstances. It will be up to you to provide for your own safety and that of your neighborhood. Most people, softened by modern life, will be unable to mentally or materially cope with the full advent of WROL and will simply be shocked into inaction. That’s because to them it is so unthinkable to lose their cell phone, their TV, and other conveniences, never mind food, clothing, sanitation, and medical care. As such they have made no preparations, mental or otherwise, to become independent, tough, and ready for WROL. The self-reliant lessons of our pioneer ancestors have been foolishly forgotten and discarded. These life lessons will be re-learned and adopted in order to survive in WROL. Expect the resilience of the village as well: neighborhoods and good people will always band together to barter, work share, and make living easier. This is also good. Some people, concerned over the loss of our freedoms (which seems to be accelerating), might want to launch into WROL to fix our political system that might reach serious levels of corruptness and totalitarianism. I can’t say this will never be necessary but I advocate extreme caution in such thinking while maintaining a mature perspective on the issue of consequences. Defense of the Constitution lies first in the political process. Be tireless in your political efforts to defend it and freedom and people who fail in THIS obligation have no right to complaint or adopt recourse. Furthermore, I think WROL will happen on its own, an outgrowth of events that will drive the process… the apple will fall from the tree under its own weight. So until that time make reasonable preparations to be self-reliant and more capable under WROL. This is not paranoid, weird, or wishing for calamity… it’s smart. Also in all situations I advocate being an agent of good and helping others as much as possible. This goodness might be in short supply under WROL. Finally, make the most of your time in ROL because the day will probably come when you wish you had.

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