Foraging Inventory – INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP

Recently a friend of mine invited me on a “plant walk” here in the neighborhood.  I am still new to the area and welcome the opportunity to learn about our local resources.  Less than one mile from my house, we observed the following:

-Yaupon Holly – roasted leaves can be used as a coffee substitute

-Wild Blueberries

-Dollar Weed – it is everywhere, and makes a great salad

-Palms and Palmettos – edible “cabbage and hearts”

-Countless Pines – edible inner “cambium” layer, pine nuts

-Dandelions – all parts edible, roots for tea

-Cattail – edible tubers, shoots, and heads

-Live Oak and Laurel Oak – more acorns than I could possibly process and store!

These are just the examples we were able to catalogue in only a few minutes, but truthfully, these alone could go a long way!  I recommend finding an edible plants class in your area, and documenting the resources that could be easily foraged.  With any edible/medicinal plant, positively identify it with professional guidance before consumption.

When preparing a Sustenance Plan for your family, an Inventory of Local Plants can be a nice supplement to go along with stored foods (canned, dried, mylar bags, etc …) and any home-grown or gardened edibles.

What edible and medicinal plants are in your neighborhood, and how have you used them?


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.



Via:  thesurvivalmom

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