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What Is Going on?

I don’t know if you had read this story, but I’ll summarize if you haven’t.  Attorney General Eric Holder gave the NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Center) NEW powers to store dossiers on U.S. citizens, “EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT SUSPECTED OF A CRIME”

Previously Law had prohibited the center from storing data on U.S. Citizens unless there was a suspicion of terrorist activity, now this was already a slipper slope as there is no standard definition or guidelines published as to what constitutes “suspicion of terrorist activity”.  Now that small amount of shaky ground is completely gone, you dont have to be suspected of anything, have said anything, have done anything or even WANT to do anything.  Grandma Rose or Little Jimmy can now legally have dossiers produced on them using compiled government databases, anything from flight records, to IRS documents to casino employee lists.

The NCTC will now collect this information, store it and analyze it for “Suspicious patterns of behavior”, if “suspicious activity” is found this can mean a full blown investigation, wiretaps, requests for information from your facebook, Gmail, whatever.

Another interesting part is that these databases of information ON US CITIZENS ALLOW IT TO BE SHARED BY FOREIGN GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR OWN ANALYSIS.

The Wall Street Journal originally broke the story and now the government is trying to downplay it…

“The guidelines provide rigorous oversight to protect the information that we have, for authorized and narrow purposes,” Alexander Joel, Civil Liberties Protection Officer for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, told the paper.

Of course these guidelines are just that, amorphous, ambiguous guidelines from the government’s own “Civil Liberties Protection Officer”, that we are just supposed to take at face value and say

“Well we don’t know what these guidelines are, but they say they have some and they have a government employee watching the government and I’m sure he’ll keep them honest”

These new rules allow the NCTC to collect information form almost any government database that they claim is “Reasonably believed” to contain “Terrorist information”.  Since all student loans are now Federal this can include those as well as any Federal Backed Mortgages and in a few years your health records.

The Bush Administration attempted to do something similar in regards to surveillance of American citizens, but they were stopped after widespread anger, however Obama has done this almost silently and without any disagreement.

I don’t have any hard evidence, but I can guarantee you that the NSA and NCTC monitors and analyzes internet activity of citizens in the U.S. and abroad, taking in vast information such as what you search for, what you buy, what sites to you go to, who you send emails to, etc. They then analyze that, if you show “suspicious” activity I guarantee you, you are on a list somewhere, as well as all your friends.  This is another reason to be careful who you “Friend” on facebook or where you browse, Even if you don’t hold the same sentiment if someone posts on facebook they want to do harm to someone high up or along those lines, be sure that you will be caught in the wide net of data mining.

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