27 Things You can Do with Apples

Got apples?  If you’ve got apples, you’ve got the basic ingredient for more than a dozen delicious foods.  Apples are one of God’s best blessings to humanity because they’re a great combination of fiber, nutrients, and delicious!

Here are 27 ways to put apples to work, along with a lot of great recipe links!

  1. Apple butter
  2. Pies
  3. Home-canned apple pie filling
  4. Fruit leather
  5. Apple sauce
  6. My Mom’s Apple Kuchen
  7. Apple jelly
  8. Fried apples
  9. Apple pancakes
  10. Dehydrated apple slices
  11. Apple chutney
  12. Baked apples
  13. Cheesecake
  14. Apple juice
  15. Apple pectin
  16. Plant apple trees
  17. Apple cider vinegar
  18. Apple crisp or Cobbler
  19. Apple turnovers
  20. Apple cider
  21. Apple strudel
  22. Plain apple slices, canned
  23. Caramel apple jam
  24. Apple cake
  25. Spiced apple bread
  26. Apple fritters
  27. Indian Relish


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

Via: thesurvivalmom

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