5 Reasons to Have a Solar Stove in Your Equipment

Although technology could be viewed as the beginnings of the fall of privacy, the innovations that have been developed can also play a pivotal role in survival. Solar equipment of all kinds can be utilized to benefit survival. The solar stove is just one of those devices that can make a difference in food preparation in order to stave off infections and bacterial complications.

A solar stove utilizes the UV and heat provided by the sun and focuses these components on a single location in order to cook foods. The temperatures these units can accommodate are high enough to kill bacteria while cooking meats. Some can reach temperatures of 350-degrees Fahrenheit and more. Aside from food preparation, why else should you consider using a solar stove to other methods of cooking?

1. Leaves No Trace – Unlike a campfire, the use of a solar stove leaves no residue that you were even in the area. No smoldering coals, burnt wood to cover, or scorched rocks will exist if you are looking to be discrete about your presence. There will be no plumes of smoke rising into the air to give away your position. While it won’t conceal the smell of a cooking meal, there will be no visual evidence left behind.

2. Fuel-less – While the solar stove does rely on the intensity of the sunlight in order to provide high enough temperatures to cook food, it requires no other consumable fuel. This means that you don’t have to squander wood and such that could provide warmth at night in order to cook a meal during the day. If you are in a location void of wood or other consumables, the stove could still keep your food cooked. Eventually, you could run out of propane during prolonged absences from civilization.

3. Works Year Round – Even the coldest of winter days could provide enough sunlight to cook virtually any kind of food you wish. Instead of worrying about drying out wood in order to make a fire, the solar stove can still operate. While it may not work during a snow storm, a fire built with wood might have equal difficulty as well.

4. Easy to Operate – Using a solar stove requires nothing more than opening the box and angling it to absorb sunlight. These units can come in a variety of sizes and styles and all of them come with the same functionality. As long as the sunlight can shine on the unit, you are able to cook virtually any meal without the use of explosive propellants or pressure gauges that could fail. It’s an easy enough concept that you could possibly build one yourself.

5. Inexpensive – These units could cost anywhere from $30 to $300 depending on how elaborate you want for your practical needs. A survival kit would benefit more from a smaller unit unless you have the capacity to transport it without taking away from other necessities. If you build your own, the cost is definitely worth the time.

Even if you don’t put the solar stove to regular practical use, it should still be a consideration for your gear. You might as well prepare for a situation where a campfire is difficult and you have food that needs to be cooked. It is great item to have if you’re in a bind.

This post is contributed by Linda Bailey from housekeeping.org. She is a Texas-based writer who loves to write on the topics of housekeeping, green living, home décor, and more. She welcomes your comments which can be sent to [email protected].

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