5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Prepping

As passionate as one might be about survival, it`s impossible not to have a “no more” moment at some point. That moment when you`re tired of stacking cans, of rotating, of eating survival food just because its expiration date is round the corner… When you`re sick of hearing other people call you paranoid and obsessed… When your family gets bored or tired of helping you out and they leave it all to you.

That`s when you feel like giving it all up and start living the comfortable, careless survival-free life. Forget about stockpiling, planning survival escapes, making bug-out bags and constantly looking for new survival techniques, tips and tricks.

Don`t worry, that`s all normal. Probably every prepper or survivalist has gone through a moment like this, at least once in their lives. But what`s important here is what you decide in that very moment… your state of mind… your goals. If you don`t keep your eyes on the prize, if you forget why you`re doing this in the first place, giving up will come easily. And that`s a shame, because you`ve worked so hard for this…

So I`m going to try to help you keep prepping, no matter what. And I will do this by reminding you, over and over again, why you`re a proud survivalist and why you should keep being one:

#1: You`re doing this for your family

This is why you`ve started doing this in the first place. To keep your family safe and protected at all times, even if a megastorm wiped your entire town, even if the food crisis turned the U.S. into zombieland…

No matter what happens, no matter how unexpected, you should be able to provide maximum security for your family. That`s the best way to show your love to them, even if they don`t understand it right now. They`ll understand it one day. And they`ll love you even more for building this incredible shield around them.

So if, at some point, you`re on the brink of giving up… just look at your loving spouse, look at your kids, look at your grandkids… and then you`ll remember: it was all for them. So it`s worth it.

#2: You`re not letting “them” win

The government hates preppers. They`re independent, they cannot be controlled; they pose uncomfortable questions and demand their rights be respected. You may not realise that, but people like us are truly a thorn in their side.

So why let them win? Why be one of the sheeple? Why let them take over you and your family? The whole thing about prepping is the independence it gives you. Independence from Americans` greatest suppressors: our leaders. So don`t go back to being another one in the crowd. Stand up for your rights, build your own future and yes!, be a thorn in their side.

#3: You`re using your free time wisely

Do you know what most Americans do with their free time? They watch TV. Mainstream media, of course. They listen to fake news, fake talk shows, fake reality tv. And they believe it. They`re brainwashed.

On the other hand, you`re doing something amazing with your free time. You`re building something. Not just for you, but for your family. Not just for now, but for the future. Now just here, but wherever you go. It`s not just about a pantry full of survival food. It`s about the skills you gain, the things you learn, the information you`re exposed to.

Being a survivalist means you`re a truth seeker, a fighter for freedom. And, trust me, there aren`t many like you out there.

#4: You`re educating your kids and grandkids

This is the most important thing you can do for them: teach them how to be independent. It`s a skill they will use their whole lives, no matter where life takes them. By the looks of it, the U.S. will go from bad to worse and not only that the government is not doing anything to make things better, but they`re actually doing their best to burn the country to the ground.

So the best gift you can give to your kids and grandkids is to show them how to build their own lives without depending on anyone else. This way, you make sure they grow the ambition to follow their dreams and also the strength of character to stick to their principles.

On the other hand, if you give up on prepping, the little ones will believe it`s ok to give up on your principles. Especially if it`s hard work to stick to them. And that`s the opposite of what they should learn. You should teach them they have to fight for their dreams, even if it takes a lot of effort and time to get there. So go teach them the right thing!

#5: It`s for your peace of mind

Even if sometimes you go crazy with all the stockpiling, rotating, being “on a budget”, making plans and worrying about the future… You have to admit it`s far less stressful just knowing that you`re more prepared than 95% of Americans than to stop preparing and live with the constant stress that you`re not prepared for anything.

Yes, it gets really tough from time to time. But remember that you`re doing this for your own peace of mind, as well. So try to relax and look on the bright side. Your family will be safe and sound when the next disaster hits. They`ll be warm and well fed, healthy and secure. What more could you wish for? Now go and give them a hug. And keep prepping! You`re doing a great job.

By Alec Deacon


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