A prepper encyclopedia for your smart phone: the Proclivus phone app

Whenever life takes me away from home for hours or days on end, my smartphone has become my computer for whenever I’m on the road.

A big advantage of the smartphone is the multitude of apps available, and recently I downloaded a particularly helpful one, Proclivus. Proclivus is a clever new app that aggregates the best prepper and survival information from across the internet and puts it all in one place, your iPhone or iPad. It’s far handier than using your phone’s browser to check out one site after another. Why bother with all that browsing when everything is right there on Proclivus, and it’s free?

With the Proclivus phone app, you can quickly scroll through a multitude of articles, over 1000 on some days. With a quick glance, you can decide if the article is of interest. There is also the option of selecting categories as a way to seek out only the information you are interested in right now. Sorting through numerous categories helps a great deal when it comes to staying focused on what you want to learn now, and since that information comes from multiple sources, you can learn a great deal, indeed.

Proclivus updates its feeds every 15 minutes, so throughout the day there is always something new to read. The most recent articles will be presented first, and typically, articles remain on the app for 90 days. The 150 feeds are constantly searching for newly posted articles, and you may find yourself addicted!

See something you want to share? Proclivus has an easy sharing feature which allows you to share via email, texting, Facebook, and Twitter. If you find something that is worth saving, it can be saved to a separate free app,  Pocket, which allows you to save things you find while browsing. These saved articles can be read offline or at a later date. With Proclivus and Pocket (not affiliated with Proclivus), you can create your own personalized survival library.

When I began using Proclivus, the first thing I noticed is that it was similar to Pinterest, but focused solely on survival and preparedness topics. In fact, one new feature of Proclivus now brings in Pinterest feeds. You’ll find it at the bottom of the Categories menu. There’s a vast resource on Pinterest of survival related material, so this is a nice addition. Some prepper Pinners have tens of thousands of followers, and this is a feature I would love to see enhanced on Proclivus.

Currently, Proclivus is available only for iPhones and iPads. Writing the app for the Android platform requires a complete re-write of code, unfortunately. An Android version is not out of the question, though, and based on the success of Proclivus, that version may become a reality sooner rather than later.

You can download Proclivus from iTunes or go to this website for the download and
instructions for utilizing this app. Enjoy!


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

Via: thesurvivalmom

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