Baltimore riots (Did you notice this. . .)

The latest series of violence is currently engulfing Baltimore following yet another death of a black man at the hands of police.

Already, Seattle and other cities are talking about igniting their own versions of protests inspired by the Baltimore events and local police are being informed to be ready to report at a moment’s notice in riot gear.

For those of us constantly “on the watch”, events like these allow us to probe human nature to get a glimpse in what to expect should things turn uglier in our country.

Yesterday’s protests were filled with dancing and drum-playing with the feeling of a “block party” more than riot-prep.

But it only takes “one”…

Just one rock… one Molotov cocktail… one tear gas canister… just one anonymous person in the crowd to set a spark to the powder keg of rage that leads to violence.

Are you prepared for social chaos?

We’ve already seen events unfold in Ferguson as so-called “peaceful protests” following the shooting evolved into a clash between jack-booted riot police and citizens.

Small businesses were decimated by property damage… looting… and during the worst of the chaos, rioters even began throwing Molotov cocktails at police.

While Baltimore may not trigger a response in your area, you need to be watching the news BEYOND what the newscaster is saying and pick out your own “learning points”.

For example, yesterday, did you notice…

… the “national guardsman” with the red and white baseball cap on backwards?  (He had a logo spray-painted on his rifle and may not have even been military.)

… in Ferguson, did you see the police officer with a giant “pig-sticker” knife strapped to his vest – like he was preparing for close-quarters combat?

… can you pick out the citizen rifles perched on top of buildings, guarding homes and businesses?

Are you paying attention?

When tensions are high and tempers flare, anything can happen – and the treat may NOT even be the protesters themselves.

Are you prepared?

The survival skills you’ve acquired must always be in alignment with the threat you face.

Knowing how to build a fire with 2 sticks is great for wilderness survival.

But when your town breaks into civil unrest, martial law, and social chaos, it requires a whole other set of skills you may not be prepared for.

I’ve seen how quickly a city can break into riots when I was in combat… and spent 2 years researching and training to deal with it as a civilian.

I put all that training in my best-selling guide, “Social Chaos Escape & Evasion” and it’s one of my most prized pieces of work.

If you’re unsure how you’d react to protect your family when mobs of looters and angry crowds are outside your door, then I highly suggest you master these escape & evasion tactics I cover here…

Don’t get trapped into thinking that because the riots may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away that you can’t be touched.

The true survivalist is always prepared and sees danger coming long before his or her neighbors BECAUSE you don’t dismiss the potential for the spread of violence.

Remember… it only takes “one”!


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: moderncombatandsurvival

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