BREAD with No Grinding, No Kneading, No Electricity, No Problem!

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During our annual 7 Day Challenge last month one of the days we were practicing living without electricity and had to make bread. I knew I had a busy day ahead of me but I still wanted to accomplish the task, so I decided to try an experiment. I researched some no knead bread recipes and found that most of them depended on cooking at a high temperature in order to achieve a thick, crunchy “artisan” crust. I decided to tweak a few of these and make them my own and cook it in the Sun Oven. So here is how it went!

No Knead Bread Recipe

3 cups of all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon instant or rapid rise yeast
1 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1 1/2 cups cool tap water


Stir together all ingredients with a fork in large bowl. It will be very sticky.

Let stand covered in Saran Wrap for 12-18 hours. It will get very large!

Use a spatula or bread scraper and remove from bowl onto a floured surface. Shape into a large ball with floured hands. Place on wax paper and let stand for 30 minutes.

Place a 3 quart pot into your sun oven while the oven warms up. Bring inside and place the wax paper and dough right in the pot, put the lid on and place in the sun oven.

Cook for about an hour and a half or until done.

The bread won’t get that dark crusty look like a traditional artisan loaf but it is a great consistency with a thin crispy-ish crust. So delicious!



Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.



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