Build a tiny stove out of tin cans.

Build a Camping Rocket Stove from Leftover Food Cans

LDSPrepper on YouTube/Video screen capture

brought our attention to this really cool DIY rocket stove design. You just needs some tin cans, a pair of tin snippers and some vermiculite.

Using four soup cans and a #10 can (like the size used for bulk stewed tomatoes or something), you can build this rocket stove which is powerful enough to cook a meal in minutes. In the video, you’ll see the pot of water at a high boil after just about eight minutes on the stove.

LDSPrepper via YouTube/Video screen capture

Because rocket stoves are very efficient, using little wood to create strong heat, and because they produce little smoke, they’re an ideal option for people in developing areas as a healthier, cheaper alternative for cooking. They’re also fairly easy to DIY. This is one of the easiest designs we’ve seen.

LDSPrepper via YouTube/Video screen capture

LifeHacker notes, “The design of the stove means that fuel burns both in the fuel opening and also in a reburn combustion chamber—this means that a lot of heat is generated as the wood is first burned and then gassified in the combustion chamber. Rocket stoves also incorporate insulation so that the heat generated is absorbed and radiated outward for several hours. Rocket stoves burn wood so efficiently that most of the exhaust ends up being almost completely steam and CO2 so some use them illegally in cities without being detected.”

This design is a smaller version than usual, ideal for camping. And it should take less than an hour to build. Not bad!

Via: treehugger

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