Congress says: “Screw the kids”

A bill that is currently going through Congress wants to raise the retirement age of today’s 6-year olds to 70. That’s right. Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo) who proposed the bill admitted that by 2033 the Social Security trust fund will be broke.

She said: “We owe it to today’s workers to save this program and guarantee their benefits, because under the status quo that guarantee is imperiled in just a few short decades.  The modest change I’ve proposed is not extreme—it reflects the natural changes in our workforce over the years and doesn’t affect anyone in or close to retirement.”

Yeah, instead of tackling the real issue of entitlements in the society, kicking the can down the road and saddling today’s pre-school generation to pay for expenses they never signed up for is much easier.

Screw them; they don’t get to vote for another 12 years.
(Seems to be what they are saying.)


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