Dollar Store Beans and Rice

Beans and rice combine to make a “complete protein,” as most people know. Dollar store beans and rice make a great addition to food storage pantries for two reasons:

1.  They can be purchased and stored in large or small quantities, depending on the likelihood of transport

2.  They are inexpensive! Most Dollar Stores offer two cans of beans for $1. I prefer the Chili Beans, as the seasoning is great, but black and pinto beans are also available at the same price. Dollar store beans and rice are an easy way to stock up for emergencies.

These survival staples have a long shelf-life, and my favorite thing about them is the ease in which I can move them from the pantry to the car or backpack. Additionally, the beans can be heated in the can over a fire or stove, then the empty can remains as a cooking implement for later use.

On a camping trip, prepare the rice, stir in the beans, and enjoy!


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: thesurvivalmom

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