Homemade Batteries: Made of Vinegar, Lemon, Lime, Salt, Water


Homemade batteries! 5 DIY batteries to power lights, clocks, calculators even Buzzers!.

Video shows how to make Five Homemade Batteries (vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice, saltwater and tapwater batteries) and shows full details on power output of each (amps/volts) in side by side testing.

Was able to run a clock, several LED lights, a calculator, a tea light candle, even an electric Buzzer! (Almost anything that runs on a button-cell battery can be run on a water/juice/vinegar battery). *note the saltwater battery actually produces less volts and amps than the freshwater battery. *to run a buzzer, lemon juice is the best (followed by lime). Make sure to use at least five cells and use large (2 1/2″ or larger wood screws) as well as a good amount of copper wire.

Some details: *lemon juice was 25% concentrate. lime was 25.5%. vinegar was 5% acidity. copper wire is from an old extension cord. wood screws are #12 2 1/2″ flat head phillips by everbilt.



Start now to make sure you areĀ staying prepared.



Via: survivalist


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