It only takes “one”…

Just one rock… one Molotov cocktail… one tear gas canister… just one anonymous person in the crowd to set a spark to the powder keg of rage that leads to violence.

We saw it when the Ferguson, MO protests turned to riots when demonstrations over an officer shooting a thug who attacked him… the 2015 Baltimore protests that turned into riots after another death of a criminal in custody… and over the weekend in Milwaukee, WI, protesters turned violent, setting a gas station on fire and attacking other properties, vehicles, police, and shooting at firefighters who tried to extinguish the blazing infernos.

And now the upcoming presidential election outcome has cities, towns, and police departments all across the country planning for the worst!

Are YOU Prepared For Civil Unrest In Your Area?

Anyone can see that more and more protests and riots are happening all over the country.

And Los Angeles Police spokesman Cmdr. Andrew Smith warned us about their spread…

“We saw what happened when there were protests over there and how oftentimes protests spill from one part of the country to another.”

In other words, civil unrest can hit anyone… anywhere… any time!

Just like with the Rodney King riots in L.A., these latest standoffs have the smell of a race war, even though the travesty of martial law and civil unrest knows no color.

Those of us glued to the televisions during those riots remember the scenes of…

… buildings burned to the ground out of rage

… stores and homes looted by lawless thugs with no fear of getting caught

… and innocent citizens pulled from their vehicles and beaten in the streets!

Will your town suffer a similar fate?

Last year, I elevated my skills with Kevin Reeve’s “Urban Escape & Evasion” class that cost me almost $800 to attend.

Yeah, that’s how serious I am about being prepared for surviving social chaos.

I consider it money well spent to put my skills to the test when it’s just me and and my family trying to escape a civil breakdown, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, I’m not saying you have to shell out 800 smackers for training… but this type of escape and evasion crisis requires a very special set of skills that few people even know of, like…

  • How to neutralize the effects of tear gas with easy-to-find supplies.
  • How to drive like a Secret Service agent to escape from pursuing cars (and improvised “vehicle combat” weapons).
  • The right way to create a family “rally point” in different situations – such as if a spouse or parent is at work and the other is at home, or if you get separated from your children.
  • How to pick a lock to access an “instant safe house” with improvised tools you can pick up off the ground.

Most people don’t know any of these urban escape & evasion skills… and yet they could be the one thing that saves your family’s lives when civil unrest rears its ugly head.

The time to prepare is now.

Because you and I both know…

… it only takes “one”.

Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

Via: Modern Combat & Survival Magazine

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