Limited Space Survival

Millions of people around the world travel on a daily basis, millions more travel via mass transit systems, and still millions more embark on vacations. When these daily activities occur, they place hundreds, even thousands of people in close proximity with one another. For the most part these situations consist of confined quarters. Individuals who participate in these activities should be concerned with limited space survival techniques and methods.

Limited space survival ideas are slightly different than the normal survival skills we discuss; however they also provide a variety of situations and scenarios we may not be considering as a serious threat. Confined quarters and limited spaces pose a greater risk to everyone involved, especially where health issues are concerned. Limited space survival techniques should focus on maintaining our health first and foremost. Cramped spaces, occupied by large groups of people, can result in cess pools of contaminants being passed from one passenger to the next. This can, and has, led to outbreaks of sickness and disease, as witnessed recently on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship.


“A Miami-based cruise line is allowing passengers on one of its ships to reschedule their vacation plans after sixty-six passengers and two crew were sickened during the vessel’s last Caribbean tour.

The Majesty of the Seas – a Royal Caribbean International ship – reportedly embarked on a new cruise, Friday, following its return to PortMiami from a disastrous four-day outing in which dozens of passengers fell ill.

The Miami Herald reports the company asked incoming passengers if they had suffered from gastrointestinal maladies over the past three days when they boarded the ship for its subsequent outing.

The paper added that anyone disinclined to proceed was allowed to reschedule, although it wasn’t clear if the offer extended to anyone who had booked a room on the ship beyond the cruise that departed Friday.

Royal Caribbean International is – along with Celebrity Cruises – one of five cruise brands operated, worldwide, by the eponymous parent company, Royal Caribbean.

The line reportedly blamed the recent outbreak that affected about 2.5 percent of Majesty of the Seas’ more than 2,500 passengers to a norovirus.

The Herald cites a Royal Caribbean statement in writing that those sickened – the vessel docked at Key West and two Bahamian ports – “responded well,” to over-the-counter remedies distributed at sea. The company also reportedly said it conducted “an extensive and thorough sanitizing,” of the boat.”

What action plans do you currently have in place for limited space survival? Have you even considered threats of this nature in your daily survival plan? What type of alternative healthcare options do you have in your bag for events such as this? Essential Oils are an option that would be wise to have in an EDC kit, one which you could take with you when limited space survival issues are a concern.

Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


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