Making decisions.

I deal with decision making at work all the time. Sometimes they are decisions I make – sometimes I deal with decisions other people make. I do not have a problem making a decision – even a wrong one.

Often I find myself in the middle of something that is being discussed – a decision has to be made. Likely it is not really mine to make but come on people get on with it. I will speak up and usually that is all it takes to get people to say what is on their mind.

I have always looked at things pretty black and white/on and off/hot or cold.

I don’t proclaim myself as any great leader – I’m not. Depending on the situation I value other people’s opinions and welcome their input. (This can be seen many times in my life, my wife being the biggest one.)

When I find myself in a situation where I feel the need to take the lead – piss or get off the pot.

Sometimes you have to take charge just because no one else will.

Never be afraid of making decisions, and always be prepared for the outcome.

I try to live most of my life “being prepared” for whatever may come. (Even when those around you laugh and make you the butt of jokes, isn’t it nice to know they will call you for help should the time come.)

Sometimes being prepared is everything you or those you surround yourself with and team with can do.

In the end we really can’t go it alone, we need a team.

Try to choose those that you can and educate and slowly bring along the mindset of those you can’t (family sometimes.)

In the end we can all be prepared as best we can, but don’t be the grasshopper try to be more like the ant.

Stay safe, stay warm and:


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.




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