Raise of Prepper Threat Level to Def Con 2, or.. Prep-CON 2

Private Intelligence Officers working 24/7 with www.AlertsUSA.com during this emergency who are members of The Association of Former Intelligence Officers (www.AFIO.com)  tell us that North Korea (NK) WILL NOT Nuke the USA directly, but they DO have the ability.  Rather, the 600 pound miniature nuclear device is more likely to get sold for hard currency.  Even Gold.  At an estimated price of 200-300 million US Dollars.  This is even worse for the USA than the missile threat.

AVOR has Raised its Prepper Threat Level to Def Con 2, or.. Prep-CON 2.  Prep-Con1 is WAR, or a nuke has gone off.  We are 1 step away from Prep-Con1.

North Korea has a HUGE weapons market that specializes in small arms, ammo, grenades, recoilless rifles then they jump right up to short range, intermediate range and long range missiles.  Even missiles that go into space and can orbit the globe for years only waiting for the signal to re-enter the atmosphere and nuke a city.

NK is a master at smuggling items in and out of the country and around the world.  Its been confirmed that ISIS, Al Qaeda and Iran are all players wanting to buy a nuclear device.  Such a device would be taken by something as simple as a heavy duty pickup truck into down town DC or NYC or Atlanta or Dallas or Las Vegas or Silicon Valley or LA… and detonated.

Since it will be a ground detonation it will create a heavy fallout.  Air burst nuclear devices whose fireball never touches the ground have a very small amount of fallout but they have double of the over pressure and air blast destruction.  600mph winds are literally true with a nuclear detonation

ONE nuclear device detonated ANYWHERE in the world will put the people of the planet into a panic.  Grocery stores will sell out of food and water in 1/2 a day, everywhere in the world.  Because people will think because it happened ‘there’ it can happen ‘here.’  Its the “We’re Next” attitude.

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via:  Steven Harris

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