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Guest post by Vicki C


When I am cleaning house or doing the laundry my mind roams but eventually comes around to a SHTF scenario. When I consider the most common immediate needs, to me the order of importance would be — water, food, weapons, fuel, tools, medications and so forth, but what about…Material? The following is a small list with a smaller list of usage ideas, use your imagination, walk around and look at materials in your home. Better yet spend an hour and go to a fabric store and look around, this will give you an idea of what is out there to use and what possible purposes they could be used for.

Fabrics and notions (buttons, thread, elastic, snaps, etc)

So many to choose from, what is most important and what can I use it to make?

1. Wool or fur to be used for blankets, jackets, socks

2. Cotton/muslin/linen for bandages, clothing or heaven forbid, wrapping a body (human or your pet) for burial.

2. Leather for moccasin type shoes or repairing shoes or jackets, making a sling shot

4. Denim to patch your jeans, make a vest, carry all bag

5. Stuffing material to
insulate your jacket, make a pillow

6. Waterproof fabric for ground cloth or lean to

7. Black out fabric in case you need to cover your windows

8. Netting for catching fish or making bags for hanging food or carrying things

9. Cording or heavy string, uses for these items alone are endless

10. Yarn for making caps or scarves. Over the last year I learned to use the “quick knit” looms just as a side hobby, I have made over 100 different size cap for foster kids and a few scarves. I can make a knit cap in about 2 hours. No electricity needed and you might be able to use these for trading.

How about a durable or water type glue for sealing material when you can’t find your needles?  I found this website on what types of glue works on what materials.

Then of course you need thread, elastic, buttons, needles (many types/styles, different uses, get an asst pkg), scissors, etc. These can also be used for bartering items. Think, think, think.

Threads come in all types of weight and strength as well, buy an assortment for your different types of fabrics, you don’t want to use cotton thread if you are sewing a tarp. Maybe fishing line would be stronger for that and your type of needle needs to be appropriate size and strength as well.

Material for clothing, you need to consider is it breathable or too hot for your environment, how thick or heavy does it need to be to patch something else

Even though I took 4 years of home economics in school I couldn’t begin to make a suit but I can do repairs and make some basic items.

This list could go on and on, the area you live in or plan to bug out to would make a difference on what your needs might be. While we might like to think we could take our house and all supplies with us that probably won’t be the case so you have to think/plan ahead.

Most of us wouldn’t think of raiding or stealing from a fabric store, good heavens what good would that do you?  You might just want to think again to locate and remember where you saw the last one. If you have room to store a few yards of such items to get you started before they are needed, even the better.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: thesurvivalistblog

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