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Disaster: It’s Not a Case of If, But When

How we choose to be prepared for a disaster event is entirely up to us.  Disaster preparation is entirely our responsibility, and no one elses.  But, when a disaster does occur, be it man made or by natural elements, the time to act is short.  And a well prepared person has a better chance at surviving than an unprepared person.  Planing your supplies, medical supplies, food and water needs ahead of time will keep the “panic” mode from coming on full force.  With all these elements in place, you can concentrate on other tasks at hand.  Always remember: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

In some cases, such as in Hurricane Katrina, civilians were left to fend for themselves.  They had no access to medical attention, civil unrest went through the roof, and some died of starvation, dehydration or infection from sustained injuries.  You must plan for all of these elements.  Keep in mind it could possibly be for long term, not just short term survival.  Planning ahead is the key, but staying calm and finding the best case scenario is ideal.   The goal is to get into action.

Disasters happen all the time.  Stay calm. 

If you do not have a plan of action already in place, find a safe place for you to go to calm down and begin thinking of a strategy.  Begin to think about your choices of action, and the most logical scenario. 

A Blueprint for Survival: Make a Plan

A Decisive Plan of Action should take into account the pros and cons of any given situation.  Be objective.  Your main priorities are shelter, fire, and water/food.   What is an alternate plan?  Always have Plan A, B and C.  And stay focused at the task at hand.  Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your plan:

If you are in a situation where you have the opportunity to stay where you are and bunker down:

  • Keep your main priorities in line (shelter, fire, water/food).
  • Can you sustain until emergency responders can find you?
  • If you need to leave your home, what is your alternate plan? 

If you are in a situation where you should leave:

  •  Do you have a reliable form of transportation?
  •  Have you properly mapped out your route? 
  •  Do you have extra gas stored?
  • Can you sleep in the car? 
  • Can you protect yourself from possible dangers or bad weather elements?
  •  Do you have an escape route?

If you have no transportation and realize that walking is the only option for you:

  •  What is your route you will take? 
  •  How long will you walk each day? 
  • Where will you sleep? 
  • Do you have a method of signaling in case of emergency?   
  • Do you realize that you will need extra food to compensate for the extra energy you will need to walk?
  •  Are you properly dressed? 
  • If you follow the main highway system out of town, there could be a lot of trouble that could meet you.  Can you defend yourself? 
  • Do you have an escape route?
  • How long are you prepared for?  Do you have preparations for medical emergencies?

Budgeting For Supplies

Preparing is not as costly as everyone believes it to be.  Purchasing dehydrated food to use at a later time (up to 10 years) is very economical and can be budget friendly.  Think of the many uses one can use dehydrated peanut butter or dehydrated cheese.  This author found a 326 item  first aid kit on Amazon  for $32.99.  Also, we found a blog by Hillbilly Housewife who created a simple week supply of food, that only cost $45.

Prepare Mentally and Spiritually

A little seed of hope can go a long way.  Finding faith in hard times can be compared to walking through a desert and finding water.  It can save your life, and give you the endurance to carry on.  In the midst of disappointment and frustration, faith and hope can keep your positive momentum going.  Concentrate on all that is good and positive.  I have often told my friends, “Don’t count your problems, count your blessings.”  Concentrate on anything that could give you hope.  

Via: readynutrition

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