The REAL Walking Dead?

This may seem like a weird question to you, but I’m DEAD SERIOUS…

Are you prepared for the “zombie apocalypse”?


Now before you click away, thinking this is some “fantasy b.s.” about the threat of face-munching living dead rising out of the ground… give me just a minute of your time because…


While I don’t ever see any “Walking Dead” scenario playing out in real life, there ARE some key lessons you can take away from the television show and…


Here Are 3 “Walking Dead” Lessons
For Surviving A Real Collapse…


1. The REAL “Zombie Threat” In A Collapse

If you watch The Walking Dead show, you’ll know that the biggest threat to the main characters is not the actual zombies.

The real threat is “other people” – the “unprepared” fighting for survival after a disaster or collapse!


Because unprepared people are desperate.

And desperate people are not good to be around in a crisis.

When their short supply runs out, normal, law-abiding citizens quickly turn on their fellow human beings.

And the number one target for these “zombies” is YOU.

The prepared. The ready.

The ones with water, food, medicine, and ammo.


2. REAL Zombies Are Smarter Than You Think

If The Walking Dead has taught us anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter how nice strangers may seem.

Desperate, scared citizens will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what you have.

Whenever I get on stage to talk to large groups of “preppers” at conventions, I always make sure they realize that when other people caught in a disaster or collapse realize YOU have something they need, they’ll start by “asking” you to share your stuff.

Of course you’ll have to say “no” in order to be able to provide for your own family, right?

But asking turns to begging… begging turns to demanding… and demanding turns to TAKING – potentially by force!

Stockpiling supplies does you no good when someone else takes them, or worse… you’re dead!


3. Is Your Home “Zombie Proof”?

As much as I’m sure you’d like to just hunker down in an emergency, The Walking Dead has taught us that shelters are always temporary.

While your home does give you extra protection initially, all that could change depending on how things play out around you.

Civil unrest… martial law… bands of looters…

No matter how many guns you have or how much ammo you have stockpiled, you’re no match for military-supplied “gun-confiscation teams” or a horde of anger-fueled mobs looting homes one-by-one.

In those moments, you’ll need to decide whether your supplies are worth your life.

They aren’t.

Therefore, you must be prepared to bug out on a moment’s notice.

Always have an exit strategy.


How To Survive The REAL “Zombie Apocalypse”

Surviving a collapse or wide-scale long-term disaster (like a grid-down scenario, pandemic, etc.) means you need more than just some stockpiled canned goods and a “Looters Will Be Shot” sign on your front lawn.

You MUST learn how “other people” will become your primary threat… and how to protect yourself and those you love when the military take over and crowds start looting and rioting.


This upcoming (free!) survival workshop is a good place to start.


In it, I’ll give you sound advice for navigating the post-disaster landscape.

While we don’t cover flesh-eating zombies, I WILL discuss the more dangerous type—the living “zombies” unprepared for a crisis—and how to avoid becoming one of their victims.


Go ahead and register your seat now while there’s still room…


I’ll share with you how FEMA makes these “zombies” totally dependent on the government for help.


The Walking Dead isn’t real, but the threats from desperate people are VERY real!


Join the free survival workshop this week and let me show you how to defeat these threats… and protect what is yours!

Prepare. Train. Survive.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.



via:  MCS Magazine

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