The Swiss Jump The Euro Ship & Russia Cuts Gas To Europe

There are some very big things happening right that you need to know about, and they are all things which many believe could be leading to World War III.

In case you haven’t heard the latest (major) financial news story, Switzerland has removed its currency cap to the Euro. The Swiss Franc has since soared to as much as 30% higher, and gold has spiked on the news.

Contagion is rapidly spreading and this has caused many ‘FX Brokers’ to have just gone belly-up, as reported on this morning.

“The recent move on the Swiss franc caused by the Swiss National Bank’s unexpected policy reversal of capping the Swiss franc against the euro has resulted in exceptional volatility and extreme lack of liquidity.”

This has resulted in the majority of clients sustaining losses which has exceeded their account equity.”

In other words, their ~ ‘100:1′ leverage is coming home to roost. It’s unraveling over there…

But there’s more…

Greg Hunter over at today summarized what’s going on right now as the Swiss Franc decouples from the Euro, and as Russia has just cut gas flow to six European countries, and all the while we lead up to WWIII…

Here are a few excerpts to sum up the recent developments:

It appears more money printing is coming, and this time it will come from the European National Bank (ECB.) It appears Switzerland wants protection from inflation.

The Swiss are getting ahead of an announcement that will probably come from the ECB next week that it, too, is going to embark on massive Federal Reserve style QE, or money printing.

The Swiss did not want to print even more money to maintain the so called “cap” or peg that kept the two currencies basically the same value.

The Euro will continue to plunge on the new probable money printing announcement, and that will produce a spike in the U.S dollar.

As the U.S dollar moves up, the Fed will have the cover needed to bring it back down by introducing another round of money printing we affectionately call QE4.

Why would the Fed do this during a “recovery”?

I’ll say it again, as I’ve said it a hundred times, there is no recovery! Look at this headline: “Consumer Spending Not in Line with Forecast.” That is putting it mildly. Here’s my headline: “Retail spending hit a wall and cratered in the fourth quarter.”

Russia just cut off gas deliveries for six Eastern European countries. There has been a 60% cut in supply to Europe.

Russia has been crippled with sanctions. Ukraine has been reportedly stealing Russian gas. What did they think Russia was going to do? My surprise is why it took so long.

Russia is dumping the dollar and leaving the petro dollar system. It is reportedly going to sell more than $88 billion in U.S. liquid dollar assets. It is going to get payment in rubles or no-dollar transactions.

Russia is adding to its “combat capabilities” in Crimea. The war in Eastern Ukraine is heating up, and it’s going to get hotter.

Everybody in leadership knows this is getting worse, but you are not hearing much on the mainstream media. Also, things are set to ratchet up in the Middle East with the President asking for troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.



By the way, reported yesterday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has issued a decree mobilizing 50,000 servicemen to the front-line in eastern Ukraine.

From Paul Craig Roberts: (Former Sec. Treasury)
This New Crisis Is Worse Than Russia Unleashing Black Swans Against The West

Today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned King World News that this latest and developing crisis is even worse than Russia unleashing black swans against the West. Dr. Roberts also discussed how a series of falling dominoes will result in the breakup of Europe, the collapse of NATO, and the end of the euro.

Eric King: “What do you expect to see going forward? Because it now appears that we are getting the initial rumblings — the type of things that we would see in the press ahead of the release of black swans from Russia against the West.”

Dr. Roberts: “Well, Eric, I need to put that in a broader context in order to answer it. I think that the year 2015 is going to be a test of Washington’s ability to continue this grand manipulation — both for the policy of the Western world and the manipulation of the American people about the state of the American economy…. also has some telling headlines…

An escalation into war?
What’s happening here is a radical escalation of the global currency war in which Russia and China are attempting to route the U.S. dollar and ultimately destroy the U.S. empire.

Part of this strategy involves dumping the petrodollar as a global reserve currency and reverting to alternative currencies backed by something more than just hot air. Furthering to this strategy is the belief that China is moving to back its Yuan currency with gold.

This explains why China has been buying up the world’s physical gold supplies. The U.S., meanwhile, has empty gold vaults and a fiat paper currency backed by nothing but hot air, empty promises and endless debt.

Oil prices manipulated as an act of economic warfare
As part of the U.S. effort to wage war on Russia, oil prices have been artificially lowered with the help of the Saudis with an aim to devastate the Russian economy and harm the Russian currency.

The days are numbered for the dollar as the world’s reserve currency
The world, it seems, is fed up with the U.S. abusing its reserve currency status by pumping up the money supply with billions of dollar a month in new fiat money. (Courtesy of the Federal Reserve and its bankster bailouts.) The world is also fed up with the U.S. meddling in international affairs in Ukraine, the Middle East and hundreds of individual nations where the U.S. empire maintains a military occupation of one kind or another.

Something big is “fast approaching” – Ron Paul
It is not a coincidence that bankers keep showing up “suicided” (i.e. killed off) lately. It is also not a coincidence that the U.S. domestic police forces have been arming up with military weapons from the front lines of all-out war in the Middle East. Law enforcement is arming up for something big. Really big.

The riots to come
Everyone at the highest levels of the U.S. government knows that the current entitlement state debt system is wildly unsustainable. They also know that the day after the EBT cards (food stamps) stop working, every U.S. city will collapse into under chaos and mass rioting.

The pot is definitely beginning to boil…


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.



 Via :  modernsurvivalblog

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