THREAT ROUNDUP 3-22-17 – Catastrophe in London. 4 People Murdered. How to Avoid Terror in the USA.

Here is the Current Terror Situation in the World as of Tonight.

1. Four people are dead – and 20 more injured – after a killer driving an SUV intentionally mowed down pedestrians on the walkway of London’s Westminster Bridge, before brutally attacking police with a knife on the grounds of Parliament. Police are calling the incident an act of Islamic terrorism, and it comes a year to the day after three coordinated suicide bombings in Brussels killed 35 and injured more than 300.

2. The FBI is warning law enforcement nationwide that more than 300 Syrian refugees in the U.S. are now being investigated for ties to terrorist organizations. This is in addition to the FBI’s more than 1000 open terrorism-related investigations spread across all 50 states.

3. Both al Qaeda in Yemen and the Islamic State have vowed to continue strikes on t he U.S. as well as American citizens and interests abroad.Both groups continue to target the aviation sector, as evidenced by the new ban on electronics larger than a cellphone in the cabin of many flights coming out of the Middle East and North Africa.
We live in an increasingly dangerous world with serious threats both here at home as well projected from afar. This threat environment demands you as the leader, together with your family, have certain security plans in place, and this includes staying well informed.

When new terror threats are made and attacks carried out, don’t you want to know about it NOW? Right Now? When you are at the office in a meeting and an active shooter situation breaks out at the mall across the street, or perhaps near your child’s school, don’t you want to know about it before everyone heads out for lunch?

When there is an earthquake on the west coast near the same city your mother resides, don’t you want to know about it fast? Perhaps like a text message on your phone?

The problem is that you are not hearing about these developments in a timely manner, if at all. Even if you watch CNN every night, you sure as heck are not hearing about these events while you are at work when they are often taking place. AlertsUSA can solve this problem for you, and you will be the FIRST to know every time.

We here at AlertsUSA can solve this problem for you with our AlertsUSA Overwatch message service and we do this all in 160 character text messages to your mobile device and via email. Immediately, as it is happening. Right NOW. And AlertsUSA is on sale, for 3 days only right now.


At AlertsUSA one of our action officers is awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monitoring for these developments and disasters for you. NO.. we are NOT watching CNN. Our information comes from a variety of State and Federal sources, including more than 15 years worth of government contacts and other specialized information services and global resources.

Most times we report on events that CNN does not show for hours or even a day later. CNN will break into programming to tell you about Hollywood’s latest diva fued, but will not report on the emergency declaration at the nuclear power plant 50 miles from you.

This is one reason why AlertsUSA is use d by dozens of State and Federal departments and agencies.

With Alerts USA you will get a 160 character text message on your cell phone with the immediate action alert regarding something that is a THREAT to you. We do NOT report ‘News’. We report on things that are can potentially affect your ability to breathe and pump blood in your veins. With AlertsUSA you will know where the race riots are taking place in the USA, you’ll know the minute an airport is evacuated or if threats are made on airline flights. We will help you and your family avoid danger and stay safe. A disaster can’t hurt you if you are not where its happening or if you know about it in advance.

Get AlertsUSA NOW while we have it on Sale for 3 Days. You know you want it… No, sorry… Not want…. Need It.


AlertsUSA has been in business for more than 14 years. We started just after 9/11 in an effort to keep people informed and safe. Do you know that people in the South Tower of the World Trade Center were told to stay at their desks as they watched the north tower burn? They did not know the fire was from the plane hitting the tower. We’d of told them right away what happened and to immediately evacuate. People died because they did not know what was happening and it is one of the reasons AlertsUSA was founded.

Not only is AlertsUSA on Sale now for 3 Days, but we offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, no matter when, you can cancel your AlertsUSA subscription and receive a prompt and courteous refund. That is how much we know you will love and depend on AlertsUSA.

You know its the right thing to do and that it will help keep your family safe. Get it while its on sale.


AlertsUSA is on sale for 3 days; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ONLY. Don’t be caught unaware if things are going sideways. If something bad is happening We will tell you.

P.S. If you want to know more about the current threats to you in the USA, watch the short VIDEO.




Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.


Via: threatjournal

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