United Kingdom Disaster Duress

Dealing with wild winter weather is not something reserved just for Americans in the southeastern United States. While America and many of its warm weather residents are getting firsthand knowledge of how brutal Mother Nature can be, people across the pond in the United Kingdom are having a heck of a time dealing with a deluge of water this winter season. Several places in the United Kingdom are under duress due to flooding, and there appears to be no relief in sight.

For weeks now residents in the United Kingdom have suffered intense flooding of the Thames River basin. Over the weekend warnings were issued alerting residents of the United Kingdom to expect a sheeting of ice. The increase of intense storms over the United Kingdom has crippled the country and caused massive damage to road and railway infrastructures. The United Kingdom is an island nation, which makes evacuation an impossible consideration, leaving many to shelter in place until the weather and water subside.


“Two people have died in the in the storms that have wreaked havoc across Britain, but as they finally ease the Met Office warn that the country will be gripped by ice.

A cruise ship passenger died when 80mph winds whipped up freak waves in the English Channel and a woman minicab driver was killed when part of a building collapsed on to a car in central London.

As the storms which have blighted the country continued to rage, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby died in a crash in Wales and police are investigating whether mother found unconscious in her Edinburgh garden could have frozen to death after being locked out.

After weeks of heavy rain in Hemel Hempstead a giant 35 foot sinkhole opened up, threatening to engulf houses and forcing emergency services to evacuate 17 properties.

On Valentine’s Day more than 30 people had to be rescued by emergency services and the army from a seafront restaurant in Milford on Sea, Hampshire after windblown shingle shattered windows and the sea flooded it.

There was also major disruption across Britain’s road and rail networks, with hundreds of trees uprooted across roads and rail tracks.

But as the rain and the winds eased, the Met Office issued a yellow warning for ice across the entire country overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning.

The chief forecaster said: “England and Wales join Scotland and Northern Ireland in seeing colder conditions overnight. Late showers, wintry over hills, and water running over roads in some areas, will increase the risk of ice.”

The warning is in place from 8pm on Saturday night until 10am on Sunday morning.

Communities across the country have been using sandbags and makeshift barriers to protect their homes and businesses from the floodwaters. Yesterday the Duke of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry joined in the emergency relief as they helped fill sandbags in Datchet, Berkshire.”


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