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CIA: DPRK Perfecting Nuclear Arsenal Within Months





October 21, 2017


Between Oct. 18-21, the following related Flash SMS messages
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AlertsUSA subscriber mobile devices:

10/21 – Voice of America / Nelson Report: Sr admin officials warn, on background, of poss pre-emptive strike on DPRK, advises removal of personal assets from S. Korea. More via email.

10/20 – DPRK declares nuclear tests will continue, there will be no negotiations on nuclear program, and Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal is exclusively targeting the U.S..

10/19 – CIA Dir. Pompeo warns US sees DPRK “perfecting” its nuke capability within months. “We ought to behave as if they are on the cusp of achieving that directive.”

10/18 – N. Korean gov warns mil could stage an “unimaginable” strike on the US at an unimaginable time amid mobilization of nuclear strategic assets near the peninsula.

What You Need To Know

On eight occasions this week AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via SMS messages to their mobile devices regarding safety and security matters.

On Wednesday AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of a new threat issued via N. Korea’s Central News Agency warning the U.S. is “running amok by introducing under our nose the targets we have set as primary ones. The U.S. should expect that it would face an unimaginable strike at an unimaginable time.”The comments were made as dozens of U.S. warships, including the Nimitz-class supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan, began large-scale joint maritime exercises with S. Korea is waters off the Peninsula.

On Thursday CIA Director Mike Pompeo warned that N. Korea is only months away from perfecting its nuclear weapons capabilities. “They are close enough now in their capabilities that from a U.S. policy perspective we ought to behave as if we are on the cusp of them achieving” the objective of being able to strike the United States. The CIA Director’s comments were made during a presentation before the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, DC. Watch a video of the full session with Director Pompeo HERE.

On Friday AlertsUSA subscribers were notified of a declaration delivered by North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho within which he stated that N. Korea fully intends to continue carrying out nuclear weapons tests. Another foreign affairs official, Choe Son Hui, also publicly reaffirmed that there will be no negotiations concerning the country’s nuclear program and that Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal is exclusively targeting the U.S.. Both of these statements were delivered at the 2017 Moscow Nonproliferation Conference at the Center for Energy and Security Studies.

Readers are reminded that just four weeks ago, N. Korea threatened to carry out a hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific. U.S. analysts believe this may be a necessary next step for N. Korea as the steadily increasing yields of their six previous tests may have maxed out that which can be safely contained beneath the mountain at their Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility. In the latest test detonation carried out on September 3rd, international monitoring bodies estimate the explosive yield at a minimum of 120 kilotons (or about eight times the yield of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, and about six times that of the next previous test.)

Once again AlertsUSA warns that while the rhetoric between Pyongyang and Washington continues to heat up, it is important to keep in mind the following realities: 1.) N. Korea now possesses nuclear weapons, 2.) N. Korea now possesses ballistic missiles capable of intercontinental ranges, and 3.) without some form of definitive diplomatic or military intervention, it is almost assured that these nuclear and missile capabilities will be exported to other nations such as Iran, as well as sold to non-state actors with deep enough pockets.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the overall domestic and international threat environment, and will immediately notify service subscribers via SMS messages of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.



10/18 – 3 dead, 2 wounded in earlier MD mass shooting. Suspect at large: RADEE LABEEB PRINCE, DOB 11/5/79, 2008 Black Chevy Acadia, DE Tag PC064273. Photo in email.

10/18 – AlertsUSA monitoring response to mass shooting, Emmorton Business Park, Harford County, MD. At least 5 victims, shooter remains at large. Caution if in area.

10/17 – AlertsUSA monitoring response to reports of active shooter, Howard University, Wash DC. Campus on lockdown. Add’l alerts as warranted.

10/16 – DHS warns Wi-Fi WPA2 connection protocol no longer secure. Home, work and public Wi-Fi access points now vulnerable to snooping. See email for more info.

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DHS Warns ISIS, Al Qaeda Planning ‘9/11-Style’ Attack


October 21, 2017


On Oct. 17, the following related Flash SMS message
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AlertsUSA subscriber mobile devices:

10/17 – Overnight: Jihadist social media alight with calls for guerilla warfare style attacks in the West, others threaten 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

What You Need To Know

On Tuesday AlertsUSA subscribers were warned of new calls by the Islamic State for supporters to carry out guerilla warfare style attacks in the West, as well as threats made to attack the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia to played across 11 cities in Russia from June 14 through July 15.

While the Islamic State would appear to be on it’s heels following devastating battlefield losses, including that of the de facto capital, Raqqa, counter-terrorism professional in the West know the battle is far from over. Many of the more than ten thousand foreign fighters in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere could eventually make their way back to the home countries, including the U.S. and EU member states, bringing along well-honed battlefield skills. According to EU Security Commissioner Sir Julian King, thousands could make their way back to Europe to unleash mayhem.

Earlier this week at the U.S. Embassy in London, acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elain Duke warned the Islamic State and other terrorist groups are planning to target more aircraft in a devastating plot to carry out another major attack on the scale of 9/11.

“The terrorist organizations, be it ISIS or al-Qaeda or others, want to have the big explosion like they did on 9/11. They want to take down aircraft, the intelligence is clear on that.”

Duke went on to say that in the interim they need to keep their finances flowing and they need to keep their visibility high and they need to keep their members engaged, so they are using small plots.

“Creating terror is their goal and so a van attack, a bladed weapon attack, causes terror and continues to disrupt the world – but does not mean they’ve given up on a major aviation plot.”

According to Aaron Y. Zelin of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, “IS has a plan, and that is to wait out their enemies locally in order to gain time to rebuild their networks while at the same time provide inspiration to followers outside to keep fighting their enemies farther away.”

A service member jumps from a Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter during a mine warfare training event that U.S. and South Korean navy explosive ordnance disposal divers are conducting in Busan, South Korea, Oct. 19, 2017. Navy photo by Seaman William Carlisle. - ALLOW IMAGES

World News Roundup


October 21, 2017


Other Developments We Are Following


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Iraqi forces complete Kirkuk province takeover after clashes with Kurds
UAE on the verge of splitting Yemen in two’
Turkey worried Kurdish influence will grow in Syria after Raqqa
CentCom Still Planning Joint Exercises in Mideast Despite Qatar Dispute
Hamas must disarm to join Palestinian unity government – US.
Niger raid highlights US forces’ growing Africa role
Inside the Raqqa jail where ISIS held their betrayers (Must Watch)
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When ‘The Donald’ meets ‘Duterte Harry’
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Russian warships dock in Philippines as Manila cultivates new ties
North Korea is Building a Bigger, Better Missile Submarine

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