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Austin Bombing Roundup


March 17, 2018


Between March 12-13, the following related Flash SMS messages
were sent to
AlertsUSA subscriber mobile devices:

3/13 – Law enforcement sources indicate Austin bombs were of sophisticated design pointing to high level of tradecraft proficiency. See email for more info.

3/12(c) – Mayor of Austin and Austin police chief warn residents not to open suspicious packages. Unexpected or unknown sender? Call 911 immediately.

3/12(b) – Second package bomb explosion in Austin. 6700 block of Galindo Street. Add’l details forthcoming.

3/12(a) – AlertsUSA monitoring response to package explosion in E. Austin, TX. E. MLK Blvd and and Springdale Road. At least one dead + injuries. Area evacuated.

What You Need To Know

On ten occasions this week AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via SMS messages to their mobile devices regarding safety and security matters. Three of these alerts were sent Monday in relation a series of bomb blasts in Austin, Texas. In the first incident, Austin police were called to a home in the Windsor Park neighborhood of the city after a package left on the front porch of a residence exploded, killing a teenage male and injuring a female family member. Just a few hours later, a second explosion occurred at another residence approximately 5 miles away, severely injuring a 75-year-old woman.

Monday’s bomb blasts were in fact the second and third package explosions in the Austin area. On March 2nd, a 39 year old male was killed when a package bomb left on his door step exploded.

According to law enforcement:

  • In each incident the packages not mailed or shipped, but hand-delivered and left on the recipient’s doorsteps.
  • The explosives came in “average-sized delivery boxes that were not exceptionally large.”
  • The explosive devices were of a sophisticated design, motion-triggered and packed with nails, bolts and other material to produce shrapnel.
  • In the first and third bombings, the explosions took place outside the homes as the package was initially picked up. In the second incident, the package was moved inside before it detonated.

In each of the incidents, all of the victims are racial minorities: one Hispanic, and two from prominent African-American families that know each other.

These bombings may be extremely difficult to solve in the short term.

The Austin Police Department is warning residents that if you receive an unexpected or otherwise suspicious package at your residence to call 911. Austin police have confirmed within 48 hours of this waring being issued, they responded to nearly 400 suspicious package calls.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the domestic and international threat environment and will immediately notify service subscribers, via SMS messages, of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.





3/16 – AlertsUSA reminds subscribers of the need for caution and incr situational awareness if attending public St. Patrick’s Day events and parades. See email.

3/16 – Vehicle ramming attack in Hermesh, Israel kills 2, injures 5. Hamas claims attack in resp to US decision to move embassy to Jerusalem.

3/15 – AlertsUSA monitoring response to collapse of pedestrian bridge crossing above Tamiami Trail near Fl Int’l University in Miami. Numerous causalities.

3/14 – AlertsUSA monitoring response to reports of shots fired at the graduate dorm, Northwestern Univ, Evanston, IL. Campus on lockdown. Add’l alerts as warranted.

3/14 – Tensions spike as UK PM expels 23 Russian diplomats over “first offensive use of a nerve agent on Alliance territory since NATO’s foundation.”

3/12 – UK PM says it is “highly likely” Russia responsible for nerve agent attack on former spy and daughter in Salisbury on March 4. See email for more.

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Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Urges Attacks on Americans

March 17, 2018

What You Need To Know

Early this week Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) al Malahem media foundation released the first edition of a Madad news bulletin after a hiatus lasting more than five years (download PDF copy here). In this issue, the publication focused on praising a jihadist named Ahmad Nasir Jarrar who was killed by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in early Feb following the shooting death of a rabbi in a West Bank Israeli outpost.

Of particular note to AlertsUSA Threat Journal readers is the call for attacks on Americans in retaliation for U.S. defense of the Jewish state and recent recognition of Jerusalem as it’s capital:

They must stand together as a solid structure and wage the ummah’s battle in various arenas and on many fronts. They must put aside all sins, conflicts and disputes that delay the victory. Liberating Palestine is a duty incumbent upon us. Every Muslim jihad fighter must act night and day to promote this cause.

But we must not forget the role played by the head of the serpent, America, in defending the Jews. The latest manifestation of this is insistence on turning Jerusalem into the capital of the Jewish occupier. As the Martyr of the Ummah, Osama bin Laden, said: “America and Israel are two sides of the same coin.” He also stated: “Do not consult anyone before killing Americans.”

Readers are reminded that President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in early December of last year. On February 23rd, the U.S. State Department announced the U.S. would formally open an interim embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, which is also the 70th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. Both announcements set off a fire storm across the Arab world.

AlertsUSA continues to monitor the domestic and international threat environment and will immediately notify service subscribers, via SMS messages, of new alerts, warnings and advisories or any developments which signal a change the overall threat picture for American citizens as events warrant.



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Sharia – Destroyer of Civilizations (5:06 min)

March 17, 2018

This is the 5th in a series of short, insightful videos by Dr. Bill Warner, a highly respected expert on political Islam. In 2006, he founded the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) to further the study of the politics of the ideology of Islam and its dangerous ramifications for Western Civilization.

Dr. Warner is the author of fifteen books, including the Amazon bestseller, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, which is published in 20 languages. His Simple Koran is the first Koran that can be easily understood by integrating Mohammed’s life into the Koran verses. This method gives a context to the book which makes the meaning transparent. All of his books are concise and easy to understand.

Sharia - Destroyer of Civilizations by Dr. Bill Warner - ALLOW IMAGES

Previous videos by Bill Warner appearing in Threat Journal include the following:

Tough Questions for Islam (3:58)

Islamic Reform Is Impossible (5:19)

Islam & Inbreeding (3:06)

Jihad vs Crusades (5:07)




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World News Roundup


March 17, 2018


Other Developments We Are Following


No, Trump’s Pick to Head CIA did NOT Oversee Waterboarding of Zubaydah
Army Has Spent 18 Months Preparing for War in Korea: Milley
In a first, U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy grid
Inside the US nuclear sub challenging Russia in the Arctic
Why Cuba’s Regime Will Survive the Castros
United Nations accuses Mexico’s police of torture
Brazil: Big rallies held after Rio politician is shot dead
Cold War: US Arctic Drills Prep For Frigid Fight
The US could finish off ISIS if Turkey would stop fighting the Kurds, DoD says
U.S. troops who repelled Russian mercenaries prepare for more attacks


Spy poisoning: Putin most likely behind attack
Russia calls Skripal poisoning allegations ‘insane’ and will retaliate
UK-Russia relations: Crisis or melodrama?
Russian submarine activity at post-Cold War high
Combat robots for Russian troops to go into serial production this year
Here’s how much NATO allies spent on defense in 2017
Air Force ups support for allies in Europe, keeps close eye on Russia
EUCOM: Alleged Russian chemical attack shows ‘what they’re willing to do
Russia will expel British diplomats in tit-for-tat move: Lavrov.
German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer: ‘Islam doesn’t belong to Germany’
Gibraltar warns it could rescind citizens rights if Spain uses veto on Brexit deal
Riots hit Madrid amid outrage over death of African street vendor
UK court rules spy behind Trump dossier must give evidence in U.S. trial
Iraqi man convicted of 2017 London train bombing


US quietly continues Yemen air campaign
Australia considers visas for white South African farmers
U.S. accuses Iran of trying to influence Iraq’s election
As fighting rages, can Russia forge a peace in Syria?
Former South African President Jacob Zuma To Face Corruption Trial
Civilians flee as two big Syria battles enter decisive phases.
Turkey claims to have encircled Afrin, besieging up to 200,000
US seeking ‘supplemental’ Iran deal with European powers.
Report: North Korea rocket engine includes Ukrainian technology
South Korea may buy more Apache helicopters to lead the fight across DMZ


Trump signs U.S.-Taiwan travel bill; China ‘strongly dissatisfied’
Future Force? Chinese Shipmaker Leaks Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear Sub Plans
Chinese hackers accused of targeting US defence firms linked to S. China Sea
Beware of Kim Jong Un’s Diplomatic Tricks
India and Pakistan: Inching Toward Their Final War?
Pakistan doing ‘bare minimum’ to help US: official
Pakistan-India diplomatic spat worsens as envoy summoned
Indian Army says its equipment is obsolete and not ready for war
The Fatal Flaw in China’s Plan for Dominating the World Economy
North Korea diplomats in Beijing, Stockholm ahead of U.S. summit
Xi could rule China for decades, says US Pacific commander
Philippines gives official notice of International Criminal Court withdrawal
Taiwan renews interest in F-35 to counter Chinese first strike




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