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Digital Nomads will want to know about these two countries

British Petroleum announced this week that ALL 6,500 employees in its London office will be working from home within the next two years.

BP is even going to shut down the office entirely and sell the building. They’re not the only ones.

Right now, in fact, only 13% of London office workers are back at the office. And as we’ve been saying, many likely won’t return.

When you never have to go to the office anymore, why stay in expensive London? Or New York, or San Francisco for that matter?

A lot of people are already moving.

I’ve been driving across the northern United States for the past few days– Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. ‘Rural’ doesn’t even begin to capture the scene here. It’s gorgeous.

And it’s been remarkable to see how many people are moving to these areas from big cities (especially from California).

Even more, as we’ve been suggesting, a lot of folks will pick up and go farther afield, leaving their home countries altogether.

That’s one of the silver linings of COVID: the work-from-home revolution allows a lot of people to go anywhere, for any reason– perhaps to dodge the chaos, for better weather, a different lifestyle, tax savings, or all of the above.

Two places to consider are Spain and Portugal; both have very straightforward options for people who might want to live there (even just temporarily) to obtain legal residency.

In short, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have sufficient cash, liquid assets and/or monthly income so that you won’t become a burden to local welfare programs.

Portugal’s “D7” visa requirements, for example, are based on the current minimum wage.

So if you have an income or cash savings of at least €7,620 (the annual minimum wage in Portugal, roughly USD $9,000), you can receive a temporary residency permit that’s valid for 1 year.

If you bring your spouse, you’d need an additional 50% of that amount, plus 30% for each child.

So a family of four would need about $18,000.

(This is the bare minimum, and of course it’s always best to show more if possible when you submit your application.)

And to be clear, this is YOUR money. It’s not like you have to pay it to the government as a fee or anything. You keep it in your bank account, and spend it as you see fit. The Portuguese government just needs to know that you have (or earn) enough to support yourself.

Spain has a type of visa that is very similar to Portugal’s D7. It’s called “residencia no lucrativa” or “non-lucrative residency.”

Spain is more demanding when it comes to showing savings or income, but their requirements are not outrageous.

This required amount increases slightly each year, depending on the Spanish minimum wage.

As of 2020, they want to see that the primary applicant has €25,560, and an additional €6,390 for each additional family member.

So, a family of four would need to show a minimum €44,730 of savings to qualify for residency in Spain (or almost $50,000).

Spain and Portugal are just two drops in an ocean of options. Both are really nice (in fact, our own Sovereign Woman is currently in Portugal meeting with lawyers and real estate agents.)

Digital Nomads in particular may be drawn to Spain and Portugal– especially Lisbon and Barcelona. Those cities have vibrant entrepreneur communities, high quality local workers, excellent nonstop flight networks, great weather, and cheap living costs.

There are undoubtedly millions of people around the world who are thinking about their next steps right now.

Everyone’s life has changed. And a lot of people are starting to realize that they have much more control over their own lives– including the freedom to choose where to live– for the first time ever.

This ought to be a deliberate decision. There are countless places around the world to choose from. And you can decide for yourself what’s important… what matters to you… and start crafting exactly the life you want to live.

via: SovereignMan.com

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What Would Happen When The Internet Goes Down

Try this and see what happens in your household… pull the plug on your internet router. How long will it take before there are inconveniences or upset people (especially the younger ones) …

I have been having issues with my internet service all week, and this morning it went ‘belly up’ – no internet. Having spent some time on the phone with my Internet Service Provider, they finally concluded to send someone out tomorrow (probably a hardware issue with the modem itself).

It got me to thinking about how we might fare if the internet were to go down, and it’s a scary thought…


During day to day ordinary life, you probably see others continuously checking their ‘smart device’. Without internet connectivity, they will actually have to look up from their devices and see and deal with the real world around them. They might even have to ‘talk’ with someone. The horror!

Could the public at large survive without their Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and all the other social media platforms that exist today? How long until they go into withdrawal symptoms without their constant social ‘connectivity’?

For me, since I use the internet to run this blog, it would cease to update. I suppose I could survive that. I also occasionally use the internet for streaming Netflix or Roku, but I could survive without that as well. Email would no longer work, but I still know how to talk and use an ordinary telephone. I would lose the convenience of occasional research using a search-engine, but I could live without it…

But more importantly, what about our infrastructure of commerce? Without the internet, most all commerce would cease. Store transactions would probably come to a screeching halt since many require networking with the corporate ‘mother ship’.

So much of our infrastructure is connected with the internet that the world as we know it would be terribly affected without it and all of the automated systems that work behind the scenes to keep the gears turning. And to think that we survived without the internet up until just a few decades ago! It’s amazing when you really think about it.

Seriously, it would be disastrous (nearly close to a power-grid down) if the internet went down.

The design of the internet itself though is generally set up for redundancy, however there are choke points of traffic (.gov NSA interceptions, etc…) along with the service providers themselves that could be potential critical junctions of cutoff or failure.

Anyway, seeing how I’m sitting here without connectivity today, I thought that I would present the general issue to think about. That is, our reliance on the internet. Can you think of other ways that we rely on internet connectivity in our daily lives – even ‘unseen’ reliance?

Now I suppose that I’ll hop in the truck and take this Word document and my laptop on over to the local McDonalds parking lot for their WiFi internet connection to upload to the site

Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.

Via: modernsurvivalblog

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Flying under the Radar – Wallflower Prepping

Usually this goes without saying…however many don’t understand this as it needs to be understood in its full concept.

First off I will start off by saying this.


I’m not one to tell ANYONE what to do with their life, if they want to live alone in the woods, more power to you, if they want to work a blue collar job and have buckets of food at a cabin somewhere, good for you, whatever makes you happy and increases the happiness in your life and your families as well as gives you the ability to care for them, man..do it!

However MOST preppers don’t want to be known as Preppers or for their friends and families to know that they do this, or they just fear that others will come looking for a handout or the government might come knocking, there’s a lot of reasons.


  • People won’t come crying looking for help because they know you have a lot of stored stuff.  You can choose when, how and if you will help them according to your conscience and faith.
  • The government won’t peg you as a “danger” to society since you well, are responsible.
  • You won’t have to worry about criminals or friends turned criminals putting your family in more danger because people know about your buckets and water barrels.
  • You won’t be asked to “give” your stuff to the local, state or national government for the “greater good”
  • Overall it’s just smarter in my opinion.  I may have a podcast and a site, but I can count on my fingers the amount of people who know where I keep my preps and that I do this.


  • First thing is don’t call yourself a Prepper, don’t talk about it at office parties, don’t mention it to family, AND ESPECIALLY DON’T TALK ABOUT IT ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!

Like I said if you WANT to then do it, by all means.  And a caveat is often you will end up meeting someone or a family member who is a prepper or is just starting to get into the prepper mindset and mentions it to you or around you.  Play it smart ease into the conversation, make sure YOU ARE both on the same wavelength, be paranoid, like your CIA approaching a possibly Russian you can turn to your side; you have to be sure they are friendly to the idea before you verbally diarrhea all your pent up energy on this subject!

  • If you want to “Like” Prepper Facebook pages, or talk to Prepper friends on that site, create a fake identity.

I know I know, i have a GNP Facebook page and I ENCOURAGE people to share it with their friends, etc.  I assume that those of you who like the page or comment, etc are the “out” Preppers, and I would never try to force someone to do anything public like that if I didn’t think most of their friends knew it in the first place.  To create a “fake identity” just read my post on ONLINE PRIVACY, and download the TOR browser.  Once you get on that go to yahoo.com, and set up a email account, unlike GMAIL you don’t have to give your phone number!  then use that to create a Facebook page, upload the photos, use a fake name or a similar one.  Conduct ALL YOUR PREPPING SOCIAL STUFF USING THIS IDENTITY.  Log into forums, chat rooms, twitter accounts, pinterest, etc all using this identity, to insulate your Real person from the persona.

  • For Pete’s sake DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS OF YOU SHOOTING A TARGET WITH SOME GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NAME OR FACE ON IT! That includes elected ones! DON’T MAKE THREATS OR VEILED STATEMENTS ON ANYTHING! Don’t go around posting on Facebook (real or fake identity) that you’ll shoot it out if they come for your guns, or that you hope X person gets shot, etc.  That’s stupid, unnecessary and just not in good taste.  Never with death up on anyone.

Even if you use the fake identity to do this, you will be SMACK CENTER on the radar for investigation, and now your fake identity will be investigated and even with all the privacy this offers, I personally don’t think it will shield you from a Full-fledged intense investigation.  So don’t try.  After that you will be forever on every list known to man.

  • Purchase Prepping supplies, guns and ammunition with Cash. No Checks, Avoid Credit Cards.

If you HAVE TO buy someone with a credit card try using a prepaid one like Green dot which is affiliated with Visa, your name will be registered with that Credit Card however it insulates you if you buy a few of them and use different ones sparingly.  No matter how you slice it online purchases will leave a trail, but you can insulate yourself A bit (not much) more with a pre-paid credit card.  Sometimes the best deals are on the net.  I buy on the net quite a lot but i use various cards so no large orders are ever pegged to one card or to have a repeated history with them.  Plus, you are smarter with your money that way.  Especially since ammo (as of this moment) requires no background check you can purchase large quantities without having a paper trail.


If you are online and looking for prepper communities there to talk to, check out their forums, see what others are saying, pay attention to the person who runs the site (if they put themselves out there) and what they are saying, read their posts and see their videos.  If they are out there, talking about “going to war” or will “fight to the death” or that they want this race to rule over all or whatever. DON’T SIGN UP! NOT FOR A NEWSLETTER! NOT FOR A FORUM! NOT A LIKE ON THEIR PAGE! NOTHING! Its idiotic to associate yourself with whackos, you will be just inviting scrutiny. Why put all your hard work into jeopardy because you associated with a-holes like that?


Don’t sign these online petitions to stop the gun ban, or to impeach Obama, or to END THE FED.  Don’t get me mixed up, I want to end the Fed, i want to stop the gun ban and I want that man out of the white house through legal means.  However those mean nothing, they make you feel good, think that they will matter, but they don’t, and there’s no reason to have your NAME put on something, especially since its public and that along with say a few Facebook likes and a YouTube video holding your gun, could be just enough to be put on a “watch list” people have been put on no fly lists and others for much less.


A lot of this is common sense and once again, for the third time….If you want to be known as a prepper, if you want to be a loud voice, or feel you must be public then keep on trucking, go for it.  However do not “Look down” or call others “cowards” for not doing the same, each of us make a choice, weigh the options and decide what’s best for ourselves and our families.

Basically the rule of thumb is, don’t use your real name, don’t be public and most of all DON’T DO ANYTHING TO DRAW ATTENTION TO YOURSELF!

Via: greatnorthernprepper

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How Preppers can Protect themselves – Online Privacy and Protection

What Is Going on?

I don’t know if you had read this story, but I’ll summarize if you haven’t.  Attorney General Eric Holder gave the NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Center) NEW powers to store dossiers on U.S. citizens, “EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT SUSPECTED OF A CRIME”

Previously Law had prohibited the center from storing data on U.S. Citizens unless there was a suspicion of terrorist activity, now this was already a slipper slope as there is no standard definition or guidelines published as to what constitutes “suspicion of terrorist activity”.  Now that small amount of shaky ground is completely gone, you dont have to be suspected of anything, have said anything, have done anything or even WANT to do anything.  Grandma Rose or Little Jimmy can now legally have dossiers produced on them using compiled government databases, anything from flight records, to IRS documents to casino employee lists.

The NCTC will now collect this information, store it and analyze it for “Suspicious patterns of behavior”, if “suspicious activity” is found this can mean a full blown investigation, wiretaps, requests for information from your facebook, Gmail, whatever.

Another interesting part is that these databases of information ON US CITIZENS ALLOW IT TO BE SHARED BY FOREIGN GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR OWN ANALYSIS.

The Wall Street Journal originally broke the story and now the government is trying to downplay it…

“The guidelines provide rigorous oversight to protect the information that we have, for authorized and narrow purposes,” Alexander Joel, Civil Liberties Protection Officer for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, told the paper.

Of course these guidelines are just that, amorphous, ambiguous guidelines from the government’s own “Civil Liberties Protection Officer”, that we are just supposed to take at face value and say

“Well we don’t know what these guidelines are, but they say they have some and they have a government employee watching the government and I’m sure he’ll keep them honest”

These new rules allow the NCTC to collect information form almost any government database that they claim is “Reasonably believed” to contain “Terrorist information”.  Since all student loans are now Federal this can include those as well as any Federal Backed Mortgages and in a few years your health records.

The Bush Administration attempted to do something similar in regards to surveillance of American citizens, but they were stopped after widespread anger, however Obama has done this almost silently and without any disagreement.

I don’t have any hard evidence, but I can guarantee you that the NSA and NCTC monitors and analyzes internet activity of citizens in the U.S. and abroad, taking in vast information such as what you search for, what you buy, what sites to you go to, who you send emails to, etc. They then analyze that, if you show “suspicious” activity I guarantee you, you are on a list somewhere, as well as all your friends.  This is another reason to be careful who you “Friend” on facebook or where you browse, Even if you don’t hold the same sentiment if someone posts on facebook they want to do harm to someone high up or along those lines, be sure that you will be caught in the wide net of data mining.

Via: greatnorthernprepper

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