2nd Nurse Comes down with Ebola: Flew across Country While infected

As a second case of Ebola stemming from the original Ebola patient is now confirmed inside the United States, some very troubling news is coming out about how ill prepared this country is to stop Ebola. According to the nation’s largest nurses’ union, National Nurses United, the hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan was learning how to contain the deadly Ebola virus on the fly.

Conditions were so bad in the Dallas hospital that blood, vomit and diarrhea-soaked hazardous materials were left in open hospital rooms piled to the ceiling – a far cry from the CDC assurances that U.S. hospitals were ready to treat and stop Ebola in its tracks.

There will be more infection…

The National Nurses Union is warning that more infection are likely, as information leaks out about what really happened during the treatment of this country’s first case of Ebola.

The initial patient was left in an open area of the Dallas emergency room for hours, potentially exposing hundreds to the deadly virus. When nurses finally started working on the patient, they worked for days without proper protective equipment, at times being told to just use medical tape to cover open areas of skin.

According to the Nurses Union, the hospital had no real safety protocols in place, and the CDC did absolutely nothing to stop the outbreak within the hospital. In fact, the patients’ blood samples were actually sent via the hospital’s pneumatic tube delivery system, opening the possibility of contaminating the specimen delivery system.

CDC was not monitoring the Nurses: Nurse Flew Commercial Airline Flight day before coming down with Symptoms.

This morning, the criminally incompetent CDC – who assured us they were monitoring all potential Ebola cases – announced that the second nurse diagnosed with Ebola traveled by air Oct. 13, the day before she first reported symptoms.

The nurse traveled on Frontier Airlines flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth. Over 132 passengers were on the flight; the CDC is now asking them to immediately contact the CDC.

The CDC has no real Plan to Contain Ebola, and if they do have one they have allowed political correctness to trump their plans.

At this point it’s pretty clear the CDC has no idea what they’re doing. From continuing to allow passengers from the hot zone in West Africa to board flights to the U.S., to completely failing to keep healthcare workers in Dallas safe, the CDC has lost all credibility. They’ve allowed political correctness to trump common sense safety protocols that would have never allowed this infection in the country to begin with. And now that Ebola has reached the U.S., they’ve dropped the ball at every step of the way.



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