A Bullet-Proof Couch Could Save Your Life


A new invention called the Couchbunker is making a name for itself as a way to conceal a gun safe in an open, accessible area.

The Couchbunker was invented by John Adrian, CEO of Heracles Research Corporation. He also has gun safes that are built into beds called Bedbunkers.

“Hopefully you never need the panels,” Adrain explained to WFAA News in Texas, adding, “but we never know the situation we’re going to be in. If there’s a home invasion, you can take one of the cushions, and hand it to one of your children or your spouse to protect them. We make them with arm straps, so you can hold the cushion with one hand and fire with the other hand.”

The cushions act as bullet-proof shields that can be used in a home invasion. The cushions have been tested against .380, a 9mm, a .40 and .45-caliber. It will even stop a .44 Magnum at pointblank range.

While the patent is pending, the Couchbunker is selling for about $7,000.


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