Lemon Uses That’ll Surprise You

Lemons are one of those great tools that can help you save money and become more self-sufficient. Knowing its multiple uses can help you become more self-reliant when you are cooking, cleaning, using first-aid or homesteading.

Check out these amazing uses of lemons below and add your own at the bottom!

Disinfect Cuts and Scrapes
This might burn a little bit but you can stop bleeding and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes. Pour a few lemon drops directly on the cut. You can also place a few drops of juice onto a cotton swab and hold it firmly on the scrape for 1 minute.

Keep Ants Out of the Kitchen
Don’t waste money on all those fancy insecticides and ant traps, just give lemons a try! Squirt some lemon juice on door thresholds and windowsills. Squeeze lemon juice into holes or cracks that might allow ants to crawl through. You can also scrape some lemon peel around open areas of the doors. You can also get rid of roaches and fleas by mixing 4 lemons (along with the rinds) with 1/2 gallon of water. Use the concoction to wash your floors.

Clean Tarnished Brass
By making a simple paste of lemon juice and salt, you can get rid of those gross tarnish marks on brass pots and pans. Create a thick paste and coat the affected areas. Let the paste sit for 5 minutes and then wash with warm water. This will also work on metal kitchen sinks.

Rid Clothes of Mildew
I hate finding that my clothes have mildew on them once I’ve stored them for a long winter. To get rid of mildew on clothing, simply create a paste out of lemon juice and salt and rub the affected area. Dry the clothing in sunlight. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Make Soggy Lettuce Crisp
It’s important to never waste any food. That’s why it’s so frustrating to see that the lettuce in your fridge has gone soggy. But no worries, lemons can help! Add the juice from a half a lemon to a bowl of cold water. Place the soggy lettuce in the water and refrigerate for 1 hour. Make sure the leaves are completely dry before putting them in salads or sandwiches.

Sooth Poison Ivy Rash
You don’t necessarily need a tub full of calamine lotion next time you come in contact with some poison ivy. Instead, apply straight lemon juice to the affected area to soothe itching.

Remove Berry Stains
Your out picking berries from your bushes and realize that you now have stains all over your fingers. The stains don’t usually come of with soap and water so use lemon juice instead. Wash your hands in the lemon juice and wait a few minutes. After the wait, wash your hands with warm, soapy water. Repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

Lemons are very acidic and contain a lot of antibacterial properties that are great for sanitizing. You can clean surfaces like cutting boards or counters by rubbing a half a lemon on them. Allow the surface to sit for a few minutes and then rinse.


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