Airtight Storage on the Cheap

One thing that most people that are storing things away for a rainy day are short on is good airtight/watertight storage containers. Granted there is the usual school of using 5 gallon buckets, while this is all well and good (excellent for the test of time), but what about smaller sizes? Not necessarily food, but other items that are sensitive to moisture like seeds.

There is a myriad of solutions that are available on the shelves of the local big box and there is the good old Mason Jar, but the latter is rather fragile when it comes to being dropped or roughly handled. Ironically enough when I was wandering through the local big box home improvement warehouse I spotted a good alternative that was very easy on the wallet, empty paint cans that come with lids. Their purpose being to store leftover paint or custom colors that you have mixed yourself.

For the low price of $2.97 ea. one can obtain quart sized cans that hold a reasonable amount of dry goods (or non-edible liquids that are not corrosive). The cans are fully lined and while not the perfect solution, they will last for many years while keeping their contents safe and dry (or liquid).

Always keep in mind that food items still need something else the just the can (Mylar or maybe vacuum packed).

Available at Lowes and other big box home improvement stores.

As to exactly what you can store, use your imagination.

Via: tpass

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