Freedom Through Self Reliance


Due to the fragile state of this country, more Americans are struggling to make ends meet.  Each day, more individuals are turning to government organizations to come to their aid.  Although some find relief knowing there is assistance available, others would rather take an alternate route.  Instead, some individuals are finding ways to become more self-reliant.  They believe in taking personal responsibility to learn the forgotten skills of the past.  This will to acquire knowledge drives them on knowing they will benefit in the long run.

It is said that knowledge is power.  An individual who is able to care for himself and his family without dependence on others is truly a free man.  Learning new skills each month and applying them to your life will shift a person from dependent to independent.  Acquiring these knowledge sources is as easy as finding a class around the community you live in that can teach these skills, or going to the library or book store, finding an individual with first-hand knowledge of the skill you are wanting to learn, or finding online courses.  The bottom line is, if a person is ready to become more self-reliant, they will find a way to achieve this.

Steps to Becoming Self Reliant

Step 1: Think about all the ways you depend on others and the community to get what you and your family need.

  • Food (fresh and canned)
  • Cooking and baking
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Medicine
  • Security and protection
  • Vehicles to drive to work.
  • Handymen to work on problems around the home.
  • Car repairmen to fix the vehicle you drive.

Step 2: Learn and find a way to do these skills without the help from others.

  • Try and grow your own food and medicinal herbs.
  • Learn to make your own bread.
  • Make your own cleaning supplies, and soap.
  • Learn to preserve food.
  • Take self-defense classes.
  • Use an alternative form of transportation (if possible) to get around town.
  • Learn how to repair problems around the house.
  • Repair your car on your own.

Step 3: Practice and experiment with the new skills you have acquired.  The more you practice, the better your skills become.

These new found skills will not go unused.  Especially during an economic hardship, skills can be bartered for other needs or goods.  A person who has collected enough skills to consider themselves proficient, can teach others to become more self-reliant on themselves.   Those that teach these precious knowledge and skills to others will be like a diamond in the rough.

The path to self-reliance is not an easy journey.  In fact, it is an investment of time and labor, and requires one to use their precious free time to learn the forgotten skills of our ancestors.  Many feel compelled to go on this journey towards self-sufficiency and rely on their abilities because they foresee economic uncertainties that will no doubt cripple what there life once was.  Some believe that freedom and self-empowerment are the end result of becoming self-reliant.  Whatever the reasoning is, these individuals have made a decision not to be helpless.  They strive to learn and acquire knowledge in an attempt to be better individuals.   The more a person begins to step away from a dependent lifestyle, the more self-assured and empowered they become.

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