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US and Canadian gov bans operation of Boeing 737 Max 8 & Max 9 aircraft

Canadian gov bans operation of Boeing 737 Max 8 & Max 9 aircraft in Canada and Canadian airspace. Air Canada confirms immediate compliance w notice. 

Supplemental Info:

Yesterday, due to the crash of two Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets within the last 6 months (with both incidents showing similar characteristics), 34 countries and nearly 30 airlines have suspended operation of the fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft in the last two days. At the time of that warning, U.S. and Canadian aviation authorities were still allowing the aircraft to operate in N. America.

A short time ago, Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau issued a statement indicating a safety notice was forthcoming to ban Max 8 & Max 9 aircraft flying into, out of, or across Canada.

Garneau says today’s action is based on satellite tracking data his officials just saw that suggested ‘some similarities’ between what happened Sunday in Ethiopia, killing 157 people, and the October Lion Air crash that took 189 lives in Indonesia. They compared vertical fluctuations and found a ‘similar profile.’ This is not conclusive, he warns, but it is something that points to a similar crash cause.

As of 1:15 PM EASTERN on 3/13/2019:

  • The FAA still allows the aircraft to operate in the U.S..
  • At least 47 countries have banned operation of the aircraft.
  • Dozens of airlines have voluntarily grounded the aircraft.

According to the FAA, there are ~350 MAX series aircraft in operation worldwide across 59 operators, all of which account for ~8500 flights weekly.

American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines use the jet in domestic and international flight operations.
AlertsUSA subscribers who are traveling should be in touch with their airlines to determine aircraft type on their flights, as well as to assess possible impact should the aircraft be grounded in N. America.

There will, for sure, be domestic and international flight interruptions.

Sites such as FlightStats.com or SeatGuru.com, can help you determine the type of aircraft you are booked on.


Update 2:55 PM

USGOV issuing emergency order grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft.


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Grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets spreading

34 nations incl all of EU + ~30 carriers ground Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets flwg 2 crashes. AA, UA & SW cont domestic use. Beware of poss travel impact. See email.

Supplemental Info:

Two Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets have crashed within the last 6 months, with the most recent Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 which crashed on Sunday, claiming 157 lives.

34 countries and nearly 30 airlines have suspended operation of the fuel-efficient long-haul aircraft in the last two days. U.S. and Canadian aviation authorities are still allowing the aircraft to operate in N. America until more information is available from the FAA.
According to the FAA, there are 350 MAX series aircraft in operation worldwide across 59 operators, all of which account for ~8500 flights weekly.

American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines use the jet in domestic and international flight operations.

Any who are traveling should be in touch with their airlines to determine aircraft type on their flights, as well as to assess possible impact should the aircraft be grounded in N. America.
The jet is currently grounded in the following countries:
European Union (28 countries)
The jet is currently grounded by the following airlines:
China Southern Airlines
Air China
Shanghai Airlines
Hainan Airlines
Xiamen Airlines
Lion Air
GOL Airlines
Shandong Airlines
Aerolineas Argentinas
China Eastern Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Lucky Air
Cayman Airways
Fuzhou Airlines
Kumming Airlines
Okay Airways
Eastar Jet
Royal Air Maroc
9 Air
MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Turkish Airlines
Iceland Air
Cayman Airways
Jet Airways
LOT Polish Airlines



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Deteriorating situation in Venezuela – US withdraws remaining personnel

State Dept announces withdrawal of all remaining personnel from US Embassy Venezuela due to deteriorating situation in country. AlertsUSA monitoring.

Supplemental Info:

This late announcement was made by SecState Pompeo a short time ago.


US to withdraw all remaining diplomatic personnel from Venezuela

U.S. To Pull Diplomats Out Of Embassy In Venezuela

The country has been beset by a major power outage in recent days, and drivers wait in line for hours at the few gas stations that are still operational.

Some neighborhoods have no functioning water pumps, the majority of the country’s Internet network remained offline.

For his part, Maduro said the outage was an “electric coup” carried out by “criminal minds” in the U.S., CNN reported. “The imperialist government of the United States ordered this attack,” he said.

Other reading:

Venezuelan breaking off relations with the US. American diplomatic personnel have 72 hours to leave.

In Venezuela, a Box of Pasta Can Cost $300 — And That’s Not Even the Worst of It

Stockpiling of Food Banned in Venezuela

Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries: What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America

This Is What Food Shortages Look Like

Fingerprint Scans Required to buy Groceries

Argentine president battles inflation by launching government clothing line

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Indian AF jet down in conflict with Pakistan

Pak AF jets have entered Indian airspace. At least one Indian AF jet down, killing two pilots. Large mil force movement on both sides of border. Monitoring..


Air combat engagements growing over Indo-Pak border. Pak Ministry of Defense claims 2 Indian AF jets down. India claims at least 1 Pak F-16 also shot down.

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India airstrikes in Pakistan

AlertsUSA is monitoring events in S. Asia. The Indian Air Force has carried out strikes in Pakistan territory. Tensions are high between the two nuclear powers.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi warns that India has committed aggression by violating the LoC & country is prepared and has the right to respond to attack.

Supplemental Info:

India and Pakistan, both modern nuclear powers, have gone to war in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999, along with numerous military operations other than war (MOOTW), skirmishes and standoffs. Control of Kashmir has been the principle cause of all major conflicts between the two countries, with the exception of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.
A short time ago, the Indian Air Force crossed the Line of Control (LoC) by several miles within Pakistani-administered Kashmir and dropped ordnance. The action comes following a suicide bombing attack on an Indian security convoy in Pulwama, in Indian-administered Kashmir. If reports are accurate, this will be the first time since the 1971 that the Indian Air Force has crossed the LoC.

This is a dangerous situation. Many defense experts speculate that the next war between India and Pakistan will be with a nuclear backdrop.

AlertsUSA is monitoring the situation and will provide additional alerts as events warrant.

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Venezuelan breaking off relations with the US. American diplomatic personnel have 72 hours to leave.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro says he is breaking off relations with the US. American diplomatic personnel have 72 hours to leave the country.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he was breaking diplomatic relations with the United States, after the Trump administration recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the South American country’s interim president.

Speaking to supporters outside the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, socialist leader Maduro said he would give U.S. diplomatic personnel 72 hours to leave Venezuela, which is suffering from a hyperinflationary economic collapse.

Earlier Wednesday, the Trump administration ratcheted up pressure on Maduro on Wednesday, announcing U.S. recognition of Guaido as interim president and signaling potential new sanctions against its vital oil sector.

With street protests against Maduro underway across Venezuela, Trump said the United States recognized Guaido, head of the opposition-controlled Congress, as the country’s leader and called socialist Maduro’s government “illegitimate.”

“I will continue to use the full weight of United States economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy,” Trump said in a statement, encouraging other governments in the Western Hemisphere to also recognize Guaido.

The administration had been waiting to issue its announcement after Guaido had been sworn in as the country’s temporary president on Wednesday, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Venezuelan opposition sympathizers had been urging Guaido to assume the presidency since Maduro was inaugurated to a second term on Jan. 10 following a widely boycotted election last year that the United States and many other foreign governments described as a fraudulent.

Guaido, a newcomer on the national scene who was elected to head Congress on Jan. 5, had said earlier he was willing to replace Maduro if he had the support of the military, with the aim of then calling for free elections.

U.S. officials in recent days had stated openly that Maduro no longer had a legitimate claim on power.

This story is developing.

Venezuela has been the example of what can happen to a country and the actions governments can take when things get bad.

Check out these other posts for more info:


Venezuelans regret gun ban, ‘a declaration of war against an unarmed population’

2018 August – Venezuela slashes five zeros from its old currency, renaming it the Sovereign Bolivar and tying it to a state-backed cryptocurrency in a bid to tackle rampant hyperinflation.

The UN warns of a migration “crisis”, estimating that economic woes and food and medical shortages have caused more than two million Venezuelans to leave their country since 2014. Most are settling in nearby Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, leading to tensions in the region.

2016 February – President Maduro announces measures aimed at fighting economic crisis, including currency devaluation and first petrol price rise in 20 years.

2016 September – Hundreds of thousands of people take part in a protest in Caracas calling for the removal of President Maduro, accusing him of responsibility for the economic crisis.


In Venezuela, a Box of Pasta Can Cost $300 — And That’s Not Even the Worst of It


Stockpiling of Food Banned in Venezuela


Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries: What to Do Before Rationing Starts in America

2014 February-March – Protests over poor security in the western states of Tachira and Merida spread to Caracas, where they win the backing of opposition parties and turn into anti-government rallies. The government accuses the opposition of seeking to launch a coup and breaks up the protests. At least 28 people die in the violence.

2013 September – A massive power cut leaves 70% of Venezuela, including parts of Caracas, without electricity. President Maduro blames “right-wing saboteurs”.

2013 November – With inflation running at more than 50% a year, the National Assembly gives President Maduro emergency powers for a year, prompting protests by opposition supporters. Mr Maduro uses the powers to limit profit margins.

2013 December – The ruling Socialist Party and allies win local elections by a margin of 10% in a poll widely seen as a test of the government’s handling of the continuing economic crisis.


Venezuela bans private gun ownership

Venezuela profile – Timeline

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via:  cnbc, bbc

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Church Praise Teams and Security Teams

For many people, church is a haven, a safe place — often considered a second home full of brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s not the kind of environment in which you’d naturally think about firearms and self-defense. Perhaps that’s one reason evildoers choose to target churchgoers. Church should be a place of rest and worship, of renewal and peace. An environment of sharing words of scripture and singing hymns of faith doesn’t seem to fit with counter-assault tactics and firearms training. Of course, it doesn’t seem to fit with mass shootings either. Yet because violence can be anywhere and at any time, protecting houses of worship has become an important topic of discussion.

I have spent a lot of time in churches — from attending services and enjoying special presentations to listening to my father speak or even having the opportunity to perform. While I have read countless stories of martyrs and heard plenty of atrocities regarding countries that punish or even kill Christians, I never really considered those dangers as I slid into a pew with my family to soak up God’s Word. I assume that many other congregants have felt similarly … if not more strongly. In fact, according to a 2012 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, approximately 75 percent of Americans were not in favor of guns in churches and places of worship. And, unfortunately, Religion News Service reported that “many denominations, from Lutherans to Methodists to Roman Catholics, either in the wake of Sutherland Springs or well before, have taken a stance on the issue, condemning gun violence and advocating for greater gun control.”

The problem is, even though a church should never be a place of violence, that doesn’t stop violent people from doing harm there. In fact, that’s a bit like saying gun-free zones keep killers with guns away. That simply doesn’t happen. We see the complete opposite; these gun-free zones and places that are traditionally (or stereotypically) absent of firearms are often targeted by criminals. It has been reported that as soft targets, “Places like public libraries, malls and movie theaters, as well as houses of worship, provide access to anyone who wishes to enter. This welcoming environment makes churches, synagogues and mosques particularly vulnerable to attack.”

So what can we do to protect churchgoers? Every person has the inherent right to protect himself or herself from harm … and that doesn’t change the moment you walk through the sanctuary doors. In fact, isn’t that exactly what criminals look for? The vulnerable? The trusting? The unprotected? You shouldn’t be rendered defenseless in any situation. Even though Christians may be instructed to love our enemies, we have never had the expectation or the obligation to be victims.

No doubt, in uncertain times like these, believers in God will turn to prayer for direction and for protection. But that doesn’t mean the church should stop there. It’s a situation in which the phrase “fail to plan, plan to fail” comes to mind. Since no one wants panicked people showing up in large groups with firearms they don’t know how to use, it’s imperative that leaders address the possibilities and the procedures. Churches can certainly employ armed security guards to keep the congregation safe. But planning and training are just as important for pastors, elders, deacons and church members. Nowadays, we should realize and accept that a security team should be just as commonplace in the church as a praise team.

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via:  usconcealedcarry

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Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

The reports about the coming Jade Helm 15 operation across the southwest continue to suggest that this is not merely a standard training exercise to prepare our military personnel for foreign engagements as has been suggested by officials.

A letter sent to Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show by a concerned Texas Ranger indicates that the government is preparing for a scenario similar to what has been described in William Forstchen’s recent novellaDay of Wrath in which ISIS terrorists cross the southern border of the United States and simultaneously attack soft targets across the nation.

But the letter doesn’t stop there. The Ranger, who has kept his identify private for obvious reasons and makes clear that the scope of Jade Helm is so secret that the intent is not completely clear, says that the JH15 mission objectives may go much farther than just preparing for terrorists. According to the law enforcement insider there are trains moving throughout Texas and some of them have been outfitted with shackles, presumably to “transport prisoners of some sort.” The claim adds further credence to a report about Jade Helm dissident roundups and arrests and widespreadmartial law declarations following an emergency.

His letter sheds some light on the Walmart store closings, suggesting at least one may be utilized in a national security capacity as a staging point for the Department of Homeland Security, an agency that is apparently not trusted by anyone within the Texas Rangers organization, according to the source.

The full letter follows:

Hello Mr. Hodges,

I have been a Texas Ranger for quite some time, and as such, I am privy to much of what is going on with regard to the Midland Walmart store closing, the presence of ISIS on Texas soil and our preparations to combat an insurgent threat.

I will not give you my rank or location because it would not be safe to do so. It is a waste of time to try and trace the IP#, etc., as I have taken steps to ensure that this note cannot be traced back to me.  I understand and  realize that you seem to have a growing issue with people who will not go on the record with their inside knowledge or first-hand observations, but you cannot understand the pressure and scrutiny that some of us are under. I am taking a big risk writing this email to you.

The main reason that I am writing to you is to encourage you to keep writing on the growing threat of infiltration in Texas and I suspect other states as well. The infiltration I am writing about is not just Special Forces that are going to conducting covert drills in our state. that is concerning and I agree with you this involves martial law.  For now I am talking about ISIS and the danger that they pose to all of us. Our intelligence indicates that they have enough manpower & firepower to subdue a small town. The Midland Walmart takeover by DHS is a national security move in which we have been told falls under the Continuity of Government provisions. The Threat Fusion Centers are providing related information on what it is we are facing but the information sharing is only in one direction and that is very concerning.

We expecting an attack on more than one Texas city or town by ISIS and/or any of their partners. I believe the information to be accurate. However, this makes the covert operations of groups like the Navy Seals and others under JH15 highly suspicious. We do not need the insertion of Special Ops into Texas towns and cities. I think that you are probably right about the intention of arresting political undesirables given what we know about JH15. I am of the opinion that whatever the mission objectives of JH15, they have nothing to do with the immediate threat. Therefore, I do not pretend to understand the full scope of JH 15 because there are unfolding operational details which are almost impossible to reconcile with what I already know to be fact based the evidence for what is going on.

Let me drop a bombshell that I have not seen you address. There are trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars. I have not personally seen them, but I know personnel that have seen this. This indicates that these trains will be used to transport prisoners of some sort. I know from reading your articles that your default belief will be that these are for American political prisoners and will be transported to FEMA detention camps of some sort. We have been told by Homeland that these trains are slated for transporting captured terrorists, non-domestic. We are not sure we can trust this explanation because Homeland is keeping a lot from us and we are growing increasingly uncomfortable with their presence in Texas.

I wanted to tell also you that we believe that Pantex is a high value target for ISIS and much or our preparation is to thwart any action by terrorists against the facility.  I am wondering how in the hell you figured that out. Someone on the deep inside must be talking with you.

Keep writing Mr. Hodges, you and the underground media are making a difference. As I am sure you know, Colorado announced today that JH15 is suspended in that state. Unfortunately, we do not have that prerogative because we believe that we are under the threat of eminent attack here in Texas.

I do believe the ISIS threat is legitimate. But you are also correct to suspect the motives behind the JH15 drills. They are clouded in secrecy and we have been shut out regarding their operational intent. The people of Texas and all of the United States of America should be pushing back against JH15.

I will support the Feds in their preparation against ISIS. But the moment that this action turns against our locals is the moment I will perform my oath of office. I am not alone in this feeling. None of my brothers trust Homeland. We will have to see where this is going but I have a bad feeling.

You do your job and keep writing and I will do my job in upholding the Constitution

Thank You

The suspicions of the public are quite justified, it seems. The operational commanders for Jade Helm have compartmentalized the “exercise” to such an extent that no one, not the local and state law enforcement officers involved or the majority of military personnel, has any idea what is actually going on.

As noted in the letter, a realistic threat from our southern border certainly exists and as we’ve written previously, Border Patrol and Homeland Security have been capturing suspected terrorist operatives crossing into the United States for years. But the Texas Ranger who penned the letter says this is not necessarily the full scope of the massive Summer exercise.

And given that people within his own organization report seeing shackles in trains, is it completely out of the question to suggest that the government does, in fact, have procedures in place to detain, transport and imprison those suspected of terrorism, or those who may be suspected of being suspected?

When Gerald Celente warned of the Auschwitz Express back in a 2012 interview he wasn’t joking:

First it was the Patriot Act. Now it’s the National Defense Authorization Act. And then it was Obama’s Executive Order giving El Presidente Los Estados Unidos the supreme right to call Martial Law at a potential threat – a potential threat.

Then there’s Big Bro over there, Attorney General Eric Holder, who just passed these guidelines that could let them listen in to what we’re saying right now, listen to you on your cell phone, watch every stroke of your keyboard, and they at the White House could then determine whether or not the algorythms add up to you being a terrorist or a potential terrorist.

Big Brother never had it so good.

…all aboard the Auschwitz Express…

…That’s what’s going on here… and the people don’t see it, and they’re afraid to speak up… People don’t want to believe it.

Full Interview Via SGT Report

We will soon find out if Jade Helm is just another military exercise. Some are of the opinion that it could be used to facilitate a false flag operation that would then be used as justification to implement nationwide martial law and to activate Doomsday Executive Orders recently signed by President Obama.

It may sound wildly conspiratorial, but it wouldn’t be the first time a government has purposefully engaged in such conduct.


Start now to make sure you are staying prepared.



Via:  shtfplan

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Sheepdog’s Prayer

I came to this through the USCCA and would like to send out special thanks for sharing this with us. I thought it deserved to be shared. To see the prayer with Tim Schmidt’s comments join the USCCA.

There is one thing I would like to add to it though. It mentions our LE and military brethren specifically as the sheepdogs. I would include those of us who have taken up the defense of our families and neighbors, the family of Concealed Carry.


The Sheepdog’s Prayer

The Knights of Old were Men of Honor

Who used their Might For Right!
Today they’re known as Sheepdogs,
Those who carry on the fight.

I am a tired old Sheepdog,
The guardian of my flock.
I keep the predators at bay
And stand watch around the clock.

Please stop the Sheep from pulling my teeth.

I’ll need them for the fight,
When the hungry Wolves come calling
Some dark and deadly night.

I pray I’ll never need my gun,
But someday if I do,
May my cause be just!
My draw be quick!
And my aim be ever true!

Heaven holds a special place
For those who do the deed,
Defenders of the innocent
In their hour of need.

May the Sheep someday be grateful.
There’s a debt they can not pay
To the Sheepdogs who lay it on the line
Each and every day.

I am proud to be a Sheepdog.
I’ve done my very best.
I’ll stand my watch until my Maker
Calls me home to rest.

But when I meet St. Peter
There’s just one request I’ll make,

“Please let me spend Eternity
Standing guard at Heaven’s Gate”.

Lord, help us bring this ”Age of Sheep”
To a rapid end.
Then fill this land with Sheepdogs,
Men of Honor, once again.

This prayer is dedicated
To those who bravely face,
The dangers all around us,
To make our world a safer place.

To the soldiers, cops and warriors-
Sheepdogs through and through.
Thank you for your service
And your sacrifices too.



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Effective Immediately: All Semi-Automatic Pistols Sold In California to Require “Micro Stamp” Ballistic Identification

In a controversial move that some believe will essentially lead to a de facto ban on semi-automatic handguns, Attorney General Kamala Harris announced that, effective immediately, all new semi-automatic firearms sold in the State of California will require a unique microstamp on every shell ejected when a gun is fired.

Microstamping, or ballistic imprinting, is a technology patented in the 1990′s by engineer and NRA member Todd Lizotte. When a gun is fired, a tiny engraving on the firing pin etches a microscopic identifier onto the cartridge as it is expended by the firearm.

The law, which requires every semi-automatic gun sold in the state to imprint the gun’s serial number on the cartridge, was signed into law by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007 and was delayed due to patent stipulations in the legislation.

            The legislation specified that it would take effect only when the technolog was

           available and all private patents had expired.

But at a Los Angeles news conference Friday, Harris announced that micro-stamping had cleared all technological and patenting hurdles and would be required on newly sold semiautomatics, effective immediately.

“The patents have been cleared, which means that this very important technology will help us as law enforcement in identifying and locating people who have illegally used firearms,” Harris said.

According to proponents of the legislation, ballistic micro-stamping will help law enforcement investigators track down firearms used in the commission of crimes:

Attorney Benjamin Van Houten of San Francisco’s Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence said the announcement should send a message to other states, the Obama administration and the gun industry that “this is the future and it’s really critical to helping law enforcement solve gun crimes.

Implementation of micro-stamping “moves California to the forefront of the nation in combatting gun crime,” said the law’s author, former Assemblyman Mike Feuer, D-Los Angeles, who attended the news conference and is running for city attorney.

It’s not clear exactly how a firearm that has been illegally purchased, such as through straw buyers who purchased semi-automatic rifles to Mexican drug cartels from federal agents in Operation Fast and Furious, could help track down criminals using untraceable guns in the commission of a crime.

In addition to being ineffective in tracking gun crimes, NRA attorney C.D. Michel suggests that with firearm sales across the country already putting overwhelming demand on gun manufacturers, the new California law could lead to widespread shortages of handguns in the state:

“This is not going to help solve crimes,” he said. “It’s easily defeated, easily wears out and can be used to lead police down false alleys” if the serial numbers are altered.

Worse yet, Michel said, manufacturers will be unwilling to add this expensive feature to guns sold in a single state, and will instead keep manufacturing weapons for the other states, where demand already far exceeds supply.

The effect, he said, would be a ban on new semiautomatic handguns in California, which the NRA will challenge in court.

As has been the case with California’s 1990′s ban on semi-automatic rifles and larger capacity magazines, the microstamping legislation aims to reduce availability of firearms to law abiding citizens. Because the legislation specifically targets semi-automatic handguns, a staple personal self-defense firearm, the vast majority of those affected will be people who simply want to own a handgun to protect themselves and their families.

The law will have almost no effect on a criminal’s ability to gain access to firearms through the black market. This has been proven time and again with semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, which are already illegal in California but are regularly used by gangs and criminals.

It will also be the case with new micro-stamped handguns, which just like non-ballistically identified firearms, can be stolen and moved through back channels without restriction. If anything, criminals will prefer stolen micro-stamped guns over others because when police forensic teams show up, their investigations will be diverted to the original owner of the firearm, not to the criminal who stole it or purchased it through underground dealers.

And for those who think this is restricted to the left-coast, similar legislation is under consideration in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Likewise, a federal push for micro-stamping was attempted in 2008 by both the House and the Senate in the form of the National Gun Crime Identification Act.

Microstamping is yet another purported “common sense approach” that makes no sense in the real world.


via: shtfplan


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